Whole-House Surge Protection Humble, TX

Whole-House Surge Protection Humble, TX

Whole-house surge protection is an integral part of protecting your home’s electrical system and any expensive electrical devices you rely on.  

At Cruz Air & Electric, we work diligently to ensure that our customers’ are not only using electricity in the most efficient ways but also protected from its damaging capabilities at all times.

Whole-house surge protection installation

Electricity is an incredible source of power.

From watching tv and making dinner, to charging your electric toothbrush, electricity has become so ingrained in our daily lives that we tend to forget about its damaging effects when uncontrolled. 

One of the most effective ways we can protect our homes from damaging surges in electricity is installing a whole-house surge protection system.

Texans understand how quickly the weather can change for the worse, Humble, TX alone has seen its fair share of storm damage. 

A whole-house surge protector will work as an added layer of protection against power surges, putting your mind at ease and protecting your electrical system. 

What is a Power Surge & What Causes One to Occur?

A power surge is a significant rise in electrical current that dramatically exceeds the standard voltage intake of 120.  

Power surges can:

  • Affect your appliances’ ability to function properly
  • Damage electrical wiring, power systems, and motors
  • Destroy affected appliances and power routes
  • Start electrical fires

Several instances can cause an unexpected and severely damaging surge in electrical power. Causes of a damaging power surge may include: 

  • Electrical Overloads 
  • Faulty Wiring 
  • Major Power Outages 
  • Lightning Strikes 
  • Operating Power Heavy Equipment

Why do I Need Whole-House Surge Protection?

Power surges are significantly problematic due to their ability to burn electrical wiring and destroy expensive appliances. 

Today’s homes are filled with power-reliant technologies like computers, dishwashers, flat-screen TVs, phones, sound systems, microwaves, and much more!

These appliances are heavily reliant on a power source, and they aren’t cheap to replace or repair when damaged. 

A whole-house surge protector will help shield your home’s electrical system and appliances from damaging surges in electricity and the possibility of electrical fires. 

Protecting your home’s electrical system will save you money and frustration, but it may save your life as well.

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How do Whole-House Surge Protectors Work?

Surge protectors work by limiting/diverting high voltages of electricity supplied to your home when a power surge occurs. 

Surge protectors allow appropriate levels of power to flow into your home like usual. But when a power surge occurs, the additional volts are diverted to a ground wire to protect your home from electrical damage.

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Whole-house surge protection is essential for Humble, TX homeowners, especially during the storm season. 

Yearly storms and sporadic power surges could cost you thousands of dollars in damages. 

At Cruz Air & Electric, we offer reliable whole-house surge protection installation services designed to keep your electrical system protected at all times!

Don’t wait for electrical surges to strike, take action now by installing a surge protection system you can rely on, and shield your home from damage.

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