Furnace Repair Humble, TX

Furnace Repair Humble, TX

At Cruz Air & Electric, we offer fast and reliable furnace repair services 24/7.

The need for a heater repair can happen at any time, and usually without much warning. Unfortunately, furnace problems typically go unnoticed until you need to heat your home and end up left in the cold.

With our expert heating contractors available to service your HVAC system 24/7, you can rest assured that your comfort will be right where you want it in no time at all.

If you need professional heating repair services in Humble, TX, give Cruz Air & Electric a call at 281-446-4272.

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Common Signs You Need a Furnace Repair

If you are having trouble getting your home heated to a comfortable temperature, you may be in need of an expert furnace repair service.

Although there are many reasons why your heater may be underperforming; here are some of the most common signs to look for –

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  • Strange Noises Coming from Your Heater
  • Foul Smells Coming from Your Furnace or Vents
  • Ineffective Heating
  • Noisey Operation
  • Rising Energy Bills
  • Short Cycling
  • Pilot Light Isn’t Burning Blue
  • Outdated Furnace / Heating Equipment 


Home heating systems depend on many moving parts to run efficiently and perform, which is exactly why several different signs could point to a malfunctioning furnace.

If you are still experiencing problems after you’ve already ensured that your thermostat is working correctly and you’ve replaced your furnace’s air filter, give our team a call.

It’s best to catch these signs as early as possible by scheduling a professional heater repair service and tune up to prevent further damages.

Preventing the Need for a Heater Repair

Having to repair your home’s heating system always happens at the most inopportune time. Because you only use your heater during the cold seasons of the year, most people don’t realize there is a problem with their furnace until it’s a little too late to beat the cold.

The best way to avoid furnace repairs and ensure that your home’s heating system stays in tip-top condition is to employ heating contractors to service the system as needed.

Regularly scheduled furnace maintenance will ensure that your furnace’s equipment stays up to par and is capable of performing to meet your family’s comfort needs at all times.

Furnace Repair Services You Can Count On

If your furnace isn’t working correctly or efficiently, it’s time you call in the experts to service your heating system and bring back your comfort.

At Cruz, our heating services are backed by decades of HVAC experience and skill. We treat each of our customers like family, which means you can count on fast servicing and comfort that lasts all year long.

If you need your heating unit repaired or a full furnace replacement, call our team today at 281-446-4272 to schedule professional services you can count on.

Furnace Repair FAQs

When is the best time to have my furnace serviced?

The best time to have your furnace serviced by a professional is at least a month or two before you actually need to use the system. This will help ensure that you are ready for the cold weather and don’t have to spend any time in the cold waiting for an appointment. 

What size furnace do I need for my home?

When considering a new furnace, the best way to ensure you get the best product and the right size is to consult with an HVAC technician you can trust. At Cruz, we are happy to send one of our technicians out to assess your home’s needs and make proper recommendations to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.  

How do I know if I need a furnace repair?

Common signs you may need a furnace repair include:

  • Noisy operation 
  • Foul smells coming from the unit 
  • Inconsistent performance 
  • Your home isn’t heating evenly
  • Short Cycling
  • If your pilot light flame is burning any color other than blue

How can I reduce my heating bill?

The best way to reduce your heating bill is to keep up with bo professional and at-home HVAC maintenance. If maintenance isn’t helping, you may need to upgrade your heater. 

How often should I change my furnace filter?

Your furnace’s filter is an important component when it comes to indoor air quality and the overall performance of your heating unit. It’s best to have your air filter cleaned/changed at least once a month and possibly more frequently if you suffer from allergies or have pets. 

When should a furnace be replaced?

If your furnace has reached the 10-15 year age bracket, it may be time to consider replacing your furnace. Other reasons you may want to consider a replacement include: 

  • You are facing extensive repair costs
  • Consistent performance issues
  • High energy bills 
  • Inconsistent Heating

How often should I have a furnace tune-up be done?

It’s best to have your heating system serviced by a professional at least once/twice a year to ensure optimal performance, efficiency, and safety! 

How can I improve the efficiency of my furnace?

The best way to keep your furnace at maximum efficiency is to schedule regular maintenance and tune-up services with HVAC professionals. You can also improve efficiency by ensuring that your system is always on the recommended setting and replacing your filters regularly.

How long should a furnace last?

In optimal conditions, a properly maintained and cared for furnace should last anywhere from 15-20 years before needing a replacement.