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Your Furnace and its Effect on Indoor Air Quality

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Your Furnace and its Effect on Indoor Air Quality

As Humble, TX slowly but surely cools down; it is time for residents to start revisiting and remembering their home’s furnace.

We may not use it as often as the North, but a properly operating furnace is a necessity for any household.

The piercing cold of the Gulf Coast may not often reach the 20s or teens. We may never see negative numbers pop up on our Weather app, but the humidity in our air is unforgiving.

Staying cozy during the winter months is a must for comfort and health, but understanding your furnace is important.

Specifically, because it plays a significant role beyond warming our bodies.Optimal thermostat control improves furnace performance.

Similar to your home’s air conditioning unit, your furnace is responsible for the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of your home.

Some of the steps you can take to ensure your home receives the highest IAQ possible can help your system run more effectively and prevent breakdowns.

Some of them can save your life.

Let’s take a look at your home’s furnace and the importance of making sure they are ready to handle their peak season, ahead of time.

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Cleaning Helps Your Furnace and Your Lungs

Your air filter is still the primary first-line of defense in the fight against undesirable air.

Protecting your furnace and the inhabitants of your home from things such as dust, dander, and other allergens, changing your air filter is a must.

The best rule of thumb is to do so each month on the first. It’s easier to remember and keeps things current.

Keeping your furnace clean will greatly improve functionality and IAQ.

Beyond air filters, having your air ducts cleaned by professionals is always welcomed for many of the same reasons.

Air ducts distribute the air that is created by your furnace, and if they’re dirty, the air is dirty.

Do everyone in your home a favor and look into having your air ducts cleaned, as is recommended by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).

Still, the best way of mitigating dust and dirt is to prevent them before they enter any facet of your HVAC system.

Dusting, sweeping, taking out the trash, cleaning up after pets, avoiding smoking indoors, etc.

These everyday chores and habits are a great way to keep your home clean in more ways than meet the eye.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, the Odorless Killer

Using a furnace that is powered by some natural gas, propane, or even oil comes with running the risk of carbon monoxide (CO) leaking into your home, causing headaches, sickness, and even death.

While the thought of a CO leak can be frightening, under normal conditions, these furnaces are perfectly safe to operate.

It is suggested that before your furnace begins working during the seasons in which it will see its peak usage that a licensed, trained professional take a look at it to ensure everything is working properly.

Hiring a reputable company is key here as you want to ensure your IAQ is high and your family is safe.

Installing carbon monoxide detectors in a home using a furnace that is powered by such a fuel source is highly recommended. Before entering the winter months, be sure to change the batteries and test each detector to ensure they are in operating condition.

Improve Your IAQ Today             Improve your IAQ with Cruz Air.

The air you breathe within your home is an important responsibility.

Everyone inside of your home will be affected by the quality of air distributed by your furnace, and the consequences can range from the inconvenient to the inexcusable.

For over 30 years, Cruz Air & Electric have been keeping Humble, TX, and the surrounding areas warm and safe through their maintenance plans.

Cruz’s Preventative Maintenance Plan helps homeowners save money, improve the quality of their air, and stay safe during the colder months.

Contact us for better IAQ for one of our trained technicians to lend their expert eye and care to your heater today!

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