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Why Have a Furnace if Summer Won’t End?
Furnace igniter.

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Why Have a Furnace if Summer Won’t End?

No, your mind isn’t playing tricks on you. This is an exceptionally hot Summer.

We know what the calendar says but, when you can still ruin a shower by walking from your home to your car in a matter of seconds in September and October, it might as well be Summer.

Seriously, Houston, TX is nearing record-breaking heat with this extreme weather!

But, alas, Fall is coming folks, we promise. It’s just taking its sweet time about it.

Of course, we have plenty of tips on how to stay cool during these unseasonable heat waves; however, staying prepared for the oncoming colder seasons is best done before they arrive.

So, in preparation for cooler times ahead, this guide will help your home prepare for Fall and Winter…whenever they arrive.

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Is Your Furnace’s Thermostat Working?

Ensuring that your home’s furnace has an accurate thermostat reading is imperative because, without accurate readings, not much else can be accomplished by your HVAC unit.

Be sure to test your thermostat and ensure it can read temperatures.Is your furnace thermostat working?

When it’s switched to the heat mode, ensure that your HVAC’s furnace clicks on. If it doesn’t, there may be an issue in communication between the thermostat and the furnace itself. Malfunctions can happen, and they should be identified and addressed before the cold, humid air fills your home.

How is Your Furnace’s Pilot Light and Igniter?

You can’t have a heated home without a heat source, and you can’t create a heat source without fuel and an igniter.

Without a properly functioning pilot light and ignition switch, your heater is pretty useless.

If you’re going to stay comfortable and warm this Fall, you’re going to need to test your pilot light and verify that your heater’s ignition switch is working not only correctly but also safely.

Side note:

Another great tip for the upcoming season is to invest in carbon monoxide alarms. Protecting your family for a few bucks and a small amount of time on a Saturday to install seems like a minimal price to pay to protect against a potential silent killer.

Already have carbon monoxide detectors?

Even better!

Just be sure to test them and change the batteries yearly to ensure they are fully operational

Clean and fix Your Furnace Components

Be sure to repair any malfunctioning furnace components

Giving your heater a thorough lookover is a great idea during the September-October period because just as one would prepare their air conditioner during Spring, our furnaces must be equally prepared for their peak season ahead of time.

Going over components such as your heat exchanger, blower motor, fans, etc. are all great places to catch dirt, debris, small animals that have met an untimely demise, and so forth.

Ensuring your furnace is free and clear of any issues and debris will help it stay running longer and stronger.

This means warmer air for you and cheaper bills in the long run by avoiding straining your heater through unneeded extra work.

Change. Your. Air. Filters.

Every month on the first of the month, but you already do that, right?

Look, we get it, life gets in the way. Out of sight, out of mind. All of that good stuff, but the fact of the matter is to help your heater run properly and ensure high levels of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), changing those air filters is a must.

Excess dust particles will mean your furnace works harder, and that will equate into higher energy bills.

Stay warm and avoid extra costs, remember to change those air filters each month.

Replacing Broken Components, Additional Cleaning, and How to Avoid It All

Clean furnaces are optimal for proper functioning.Make sure to keep your furnace clean.

Furnaces, like any other component of your home’s HVAC system, are complicated by nature.

Components may need repair or replacement from time to time, and some parts may need a bit more intimate cleaning to ensure they function properly.

Some additional things to consider and care for when overlooking your furnace are:

  • Chimneys
  • Blower Motors
  • Fuel Lines/Nozzles
  • Belts and Fans
  • Fan Switches
  • Burners
  • Safety Controls

A simple convenience in all of our lives, and yet, things can become complicated rather quickly.

If you do choose to go the DIY route, please ensure that you are a knowledgeable and trained tradesman to avoid safety and functional issues in your home.

Disclaimer: we only recommend licensed and insured professionals to service these highly intricate pieces of machinery, and here at Cruz Air & Electric, we take that job very seriously.

Our Fall Maintenance Plan allows an expert to assess and correct things for your home’s heater in a safe, effective manner.

Why fix something so time-consuming for the everyday individual and risk potential safety risks and additional headaches?

Contact Cruz Air & Electric and gain the expert care you deserve today!

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