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What to Look For In A HVAC Company

If you live in America, chances are you have experienced the miracle of air conditioning. If you live in the south, particularly in the beautiful state of Texas, then you appreciate the blessing of air conditioning on another level.

Living in Houston, air conditioning failures are bound to happen, and when they do, they should be remedied as soon as possible. However, this brings us to a critical but important decision: how do I choose a quality HVAC company?

This guide will help assist in your decision by showing the benefits of finding a qualified expert, along with some of the potential scams to protect yourself from.

How to Hire With Confidence 

The importance of a properly functioning HVAC unit is no secret. Air conditioning issues when left unfixed provide a highly uncomfortable environment, monetary setbacks due to a possible increase in energy usage and ultimately an increase of your bill, and most importantly, they can provide serious health issues for those afflicted.

Hiring a contractor for your HVAC can be tricky, no one wants to waste time and money only to have their problem repeat, costing them even more time and money. Here are a few matters to consider when you are hiring an air conditioning repair company:

  • Certified Technicians matter. Simply because someone claims to have the expertise of ac repair, sadly doesn’t always make it the case. Sadly, in a homeowner’s time of need, they could be taken advantage of when already a bit vulnerable. Imposter HVAC contractors have a reputation of fixing units incorrectly only for them to break again, having a so-called “expert” claim a plethora of perfectly fine pieces aren’t working to simply exploit and upcharge, or using sketchy and unprofessional methods of collecting payment. Sometimes using a non-certified tech can be a bit more innocent, however. Your uncle or best friend may mean well and be known as a regular “Mr. Fix-It”, but without proper knowledge or training they may end up costing you more money in the long run and a strain on your personal relationships.
  • Professional service agreements. As we’ve mentioned, any informal transaction will probably not end well and is likely to be a scam. Homeowners should be aware of not only who but how they are dealing. Be sure when you are going over the service agreement with your contractor that it is guaranteeing you systems that will deliver quality service designed to fit your budget. Avoid paying heating and cooling contractors before the work that is written to be performed is completed and never pay in cash before the project has been finished.
  • Clearly define future maintenance appointments. HVAC units, like any piece of equipment, are going to require routine maintenance. It is important to know ahead of time how often these appointments will be scheduled and also how much this will cost you before you use a technician. Using a technician who is not certified? They may never come back and your problem may repeat. Is your contractor requesting a suspect amount of checkups? This is probably a scam for unnecessary upsells. Standard services are typically twice a year for a healthy ac unit to continue. If your contractor is suggesting additional service times, they are possibly scamming you for unneeded services resulting in upcharges.

Professional methods and trustworthy practices are imperative when hiring your HVAC tech. Scams and malpractice are sadly throughout the industry, but there are ways to protect yourself from fraud.

Don’t Get Burned: Warning Signs to Watch Out For

The warning signs, as we’ve previously mentioned, are easy to spot when you know what to look for. Above all, go with your gut and make sure your air conditioning service is reputable and professional. If the prospective HVAC company you wish to hire is guilty of the following, there is a high possibility that you could be getting scammed:

  • The contractors want a cash payment up front.
  • The HVAC company cannot produce a professional service agreement
  • The company is unwilling to warranty or plan a reasonable maintenance schedule.
  • Their technicians are not certified.
  • You have been promised an estimated price for a service, but when the paperwork is drawn up the price is much higher than originally advertised or quoted for no apparent reason.
  • The contractors constantly mention replacing ac unit parts that were not discussed beforehand.
  • The HVAC company charges for an unspecified service or a service that was not previously discussed.

With vigilance and research, you will have no problems solving your home’s heating and cooling concerns. Professional contractors take pride in their work and will have your home’s HVAC system working correctly and maintained properly.

Service That Is a Step Above

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