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Replacing and Installing an AC Unit
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Replacing and Installing an AC Unit

Time to install a new AC unit? No matter how much preventative care is taken, no matter the perfect the environment surrounding your air conditioner is, and basically no matter any other circumstance that one could possibly conceive, the fact of the matter is that one day, you’ll need to replace your AC unit.

This is about the last thing anyone wants to face or read but it’s the truth.

Sure, there are many things that can be done to ensure you maximize the time your air conditioner spends in service but a time comes for us all. The machinery that is used to create a safe, comfortable environment for our homes or businesses will eventually give way and breakdown, never to be used again. Now that the dreaded moment has arrived it’s easy to fall into the trap of anger and panic.

We aren’t going to pretend that this is going to be a breeze, and boy I’m sure a breeze would feel great right about now if your unit is busted, but the fact remains that by choosing the right qualified professionals to execute the replacement and installation of your air conditioning unit, you can reduce many of the headaches that can come with using a contractor and get cooler faster and cheaper.

This blog is specifically designed to help struggling home or business owners through an uncomfortable, stressful time. If you suspect that your AC unit may be towards the end of its life or are currently experiencing a breakdown, follow this guide to help ease some of the pain or contact a licensed professional for immediate assistance.

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What to Know When Replacing or Installing an AC Unit


The heat is on in the city of Houston basically year round. And in summer?

Forget about it.

The Houston sun, in what one can consider being an extended summer to put it nicely, is relentless. This harsh environment is actually one of the biggest contributors as to why units throughout the city have such an issue surviving for longer periods of time. The stress we put on our air conditioners in Texas is quite literally unlike almost anywhere else in the country. Between the energy required to simply maintain acceptable temperatures and their time in use, our AC units go through the ringer year after year.

And eventually, it catches up.

Stuck with a broken AC unit? Maybe you’re just in the market to upgrade?

Let’s take a deeper look into what one can expect and some tips to help ease the overall process.


Get It Right the First Time, Hire A Professional


The easiest way to turn a straight-forward installation into a legal, financial, and logistical nightmare is to make the mistake of hiring someone who is simply not qualified for this line of work and that includes yourself.

We’ve spoken on the dangers of not hiring a professional before, and we will probably do so again, because time and time again, we see honest, hardworking people being taken advantage of by predatory “contractors” and scammers which take their clients’ money, do an incomplete job, and move on without standing behind their product or service with integrity.

Your air conditioning unit is a complex piece of machinery. The inner workings of these machines take years of experience to truly understand and a dedication to proper training, licensing, and keeping up with an ever-growing field of technological advances. The safe bet for your home or business is to simply go with someone you know can properly handle the task of replacing your HVAC unit correctly.

Be sure that the company you are hiring is licensed and insured. Enquire about invoices and avoid companies that demand cash in lieu of a paper trail. Consider that even professionals can make mistakes, everyone is human; however, the difference between the two is that honest, qualified HVAC technicians are not only equipped to fix the issues properly but are also insured to help protect you and your pocketbook. AC units are costly enough, protect your home or business from any additional costs by choosing a professional from the beginning.

Replacing Your Air Conditioner


Before your air conditioner can be replaced, a few things should occur if you have hired a professional team to do the job:

  • Determining the problem at hand. While your AC may seem to be completely lost, the issue may, in fact, be a minor issue at hand. Everything from a lower level of coolant to a busted coil should be taken into consideration and replacement should be a last resort. Nevertheless, once this step is taken, it’s time to begin looking at what type of unit is needed.
  • Different homes have various different types of units installed. A good HVAC company is going to replace your unit and have you cool as soon as possible. A great HVAC company will be trained to assess each individual home and create a customized suggestion and plan for your home or business. A split level home may require two units to adequately meet the needs of your home; however, a single level home could be just fine with a single central air conditioning unit. Your business could be a smaller start-up in an office or a massive sprawling warehouse with over 10,000 square feet. Each situation is unique and a quality technician will assess your situation and provide air conditioning solutions that will have your AC unit back and running better than before.
  • After a technician has determined the course of action in which will best benefit the structure and its occupants, additional items that are related to the actual air conditioning unit will be assessed and corrected. The entire point of replacing your AC unit is to return your home or business back into a comfortable, livable space. Without assessing and replacing old pieces that are related but separate from the main unit, this entire process will not be optimized and could lead to further problems down the road. Hoses, air duct systems, humidifiers, etc. should all be assessed and addressed as needed.


Once your air conditioner and its various components have been assessed, it is time to install your new AC unit. Residential HVAC and commercial HVAC processes may be different, depending on the individual needs of the customer. Some businesses may temporarily forgo modern comfort and try to salvage sales, requiring installation during closed hours as to not further disrupt customers. A homeowner, however, may require installation as early as possible so that they can enjoy their home as soon as possible and maintain normalcy and occupancy.  Each installation is different and should be treated as such.

Installing Your Air Conditioner


Finally, the long road is coming to an end. If we are honest, any HVAC company worth their merit should have this done as quickly and efficiently as possible, but please prepare for the various possibilities that go along with the process. Preparing by reading this guide is a wonderful start, as you will be less surprised by the steps that are taken and know what to look for and assist your decisions going forward and the timeline you’ve set in your head.


Customer satisfaction should be a top priority and great HVAC companies will be capable of installing your residential or commercial HVAC units seamlessly, within a reasonable timeframe, and all for an affordable cost.

Be warned though, this is another reminder to pay attention to a company’s reputation, licensing, and insurance. Contractors that are offering ridiculous, cutthroat rates are prone to being scams. Instead of hiring a competent, qualified HVAC company that can get the job done correctly within a day, you’re stuck without a quality solution having to shell out more money to hire the team you should have had working from the beginning. Reputable HVAC companies can provide quality work for a fair price without cutting corners and leaving you in a bind mentally and financially.


A Humble Solution

It is always recommended that homeowners and business owners alike, take the time to review both their seasonal and regular maintenance plans for their respective units, but in the event of a total failure, trust the experts that have served Humble, Kingwood, Spring, The Woodlands, and more for over 35 years. Get to know Robert Cruz and his team of experts over at Cruz Air & Electric have been going the extra mile for customers and time and time again are capable of finding real solutions to customer’s HVAC needs for less than the competition. Serving over 10,000 customers throughout the North Houston region, if you’re in need of AC replacement or installation, give us a call today, (281) 446-4272.

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