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Your Thermostat is Costing you Money
Digital AC thermostat

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Your Thermostat is Costing you Money

We’ve all been there. It’s 100° outside with a number that is not so far off on the humidity scale. You’ve been doing lawn work, chasing the kids, fixing the car, or maybe even just a short walk to gather the mail. You’re hot and need instant relief.

Even worse than that?

Those long days at the office, the brutal traffic on the way home, and now you’ve come home to a house that’s far too warm.

We’ve all been there, we’ve all done it, you’re about to crank the AC down to a number near the 60s in an effort for a quick solution but before you do so think twice!

Yes, your intentions are good and cooling your home is going to expend energy regardless, but what if we told you there was a cheaper way to reach the same result?

A cheaper way for you to cool off just as quickly, if not quicker, than your typical routine?

Saving money has never been cooler because we are going to show you some ways that your thermostat is actually able to cost or save you money.

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Thermostats and How to Keep Cool While Saving Money

Money saved with programmed thermostat

Thermostats can make or break your bank and by that, we mean the way you use your thermostat.

You see, thermostats perform an important task for our air conditioners, they read the area temperature and notify both the HVAC unit and the user. Thermostats can let you confirm if you are feeling a little warm, or conversely, a little cold.

The most common myth of air conditioning is that if your thermostat is registering at a higher than desirable temperature, you should hurry up and set your air conditioner’s thermostat lower than you actually wish so that it will cool your home faster.

Great theory but there’s one problem: that’s not how air conditioners work.

Your air conditioner is going to put cool air out at the same rate whether it is set to 77° or 57°.

When your AC is put at a cooler temperature, you are setting it to work longer, not harder, to reach the programmed temperature.

The best practice is to simply set your thermostat to the temperature you desire because anything else will have it working above and beyond that in the long run costs you more money.

Program Your Thermostat for Additional Savings

Thermostats have been programmable for quite some time and with the digital, smart home era in full swing, homeowners and business owners alike have more options and controls than ever

Woman programming her thermostat to save money

when controlling your structure’s temperature.

Especially when routines have been established, it can help to program your structure to remain cooler when occupied and save on energy usage when it is empty.

Programming your air conditioner’s thermostat is a great way to save money and maximize the way you cool your home or business but be careful. Too much fidgeting and reprogramming will cause your AC to overwork and defeat the purpose of programming your thermostat in the first place. The harmful strain on your air conditioner can also add up to costly repairs or possible replacement.

Setting Up Your Air Conditioner For Success

man growing in success with a flag

Thermostats can help us stay comfortable and expand the lifespan of our HVAC units.

In conjunction with routine maintenance plans, our thermostats play a big part in keeping our homes and businesses comfortable and with the right methods, they can help us save on energy costs.

Is your thermostat reading correctly?

Feeling a lot warmer than it is indicating?

Possibly unable to be programmed?

Robert Cruz and his capable team of experts in all things HVAC are available to diagnose, assess, and solve your heating or cooling problems. Dedicated to serving the Northeast Houston market since 1982, contact Cruz Air & Electric today to have your home or business cool all summer long!

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