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The Health Benefits of Improved Indoor Air Quality
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The Health Benefits of Improved Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), the sexiest term, trend, and talking point in the world of all things HVAC.

But as we’ve discovered, your home or business’s IAQ isn’t a myth, it isn’t snake oil, and it isn’t going to improve unless you actively do something about it.

Helping your commercial air conditioner produce better quality air may seem small on your business’s never-ending list of things to do. Your home’s residential air conditioning unit may still keep your family cool enough to wonder if the extra steps for increased IAQ are actually worth it.

The truth is, Indoor Air Quality affects the very health of you, your loved ones, and your employees.

Beyond the financial benefits of providing your structure with acceptable IAQ, the health benefits are more than enough reason to maintain and monitor the air your AC unit is producing.

Overall, we will be taking a closer look at ways to improve your health using your air conditioner and some of the risks that you may be inadvertently exposing yourself and others to due to neglect.

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Reduce Allergens and Improve Breathing

One of the best and most forefront health benefits your HVAC unit can provide is to simply reduce airborne allergens and assist your overall breathing.

If you have been following our blog for a while, then you may remember our article on protecting your home from allergens we have previously released. This is a great way to improve IAQ in a manner that is almost immediately quantified.


Anyone who is an allergy sufferer can attest that once allergies begin, the spiral downwards to try and fight back to a sense of normalcy with your sinus system can be brutal. Removing unwanted allergens within your home or business will help you and others breathe easier and are an instant boost to your health. Additional dust and pollen build up within your air conditioner and simply prevent it from performing at its highest optimal rate.

When you air conditioner is not at its best or your home is filled with things such as allergens or pollen, you are creating a cycle in which the air your breathe harms your respiratory system and downgrades your quality of life so it is important to remain current on the specific chores we outlined to assist your HVAC unit in this task.

Not to forget, the less stress we allow our units to undertake, the longer their years of service will be.


Higher Indoor Air Quality Improves Your Quality of Sleep

Sleep is a precious resource and an important component of the human experience.

The quality of sleep you receive is paramount for the success of your future endeavors and because this is the focal point of rest, recovery, and breathing for humans, it is important that our time asleep is maximized.

Better sleep provides more energy, focus, body recovery, and important recovery for our body’s breathing cycle.

Mentally, sleep is a time to regain strength just as our muscles, bones, eyes, etc. do during this time as well.

Improved IAQ sets us up for success and improves our breathing during a time in which we are most vulnerable. Deeper, more complete sleep cycles can be produced in part from your air conditioner and will help your overall health.


How Your HVAC Unit Controls Humidity and Mold

Cooling and heating our air? Of course.

Creating a safe environment? We believe so.

Health benefits we were surely overlooking? Apparently so.

The facts are out, and our HVAC units do more than meets the eye. Including assisting in the control and regulation of humidity and ultimately mold.


Not something any homeowner or business owner wants to see inside their structure. It’s disgusting to look at; however, it becomes extraordinarily gross when we consider it’s what we could be breathing.


Anyone with respiratory issues such as asthma remains at risk for potentially serious health complications when inhabiting a structure that contains mold. These particles ultimately become dust and are introduced to our air conditioning units and our lungs as the air we breathe.

Mold reduction is important and can be achieved by ensuring your HVAC unit is fulfilling its task as a regulator of your home’s humidity. Scheduling your home or business’s air conditioner for routine maintenance is a great way to monitor the condition of your AC unit and prevent larger problems before they occur.

Be sure to check your home for signs of unwelcomed, out of the ordinary wet areas within and around your home. Always maintain and monitor common wet areas such as under pipework or near water sources such as a sink or shower.

A properly functioning air conditioner will provide you with years of sufficient Indoor Air Quality and fight against the infestation and spread of mold within your structure.

Additional Serious Health Complications May Occur

Although the purpose of this guide is not to scare you, but to inform, and of course, any and all health issues should be advised by a licensed doctor, the fact is there are additional studies which have shown severe conditions may occur to inhabitants who endure lower levels of IAQ.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), besides the harmful environmental threats that are posed to those with respiratory concerns,  heart disease and cancer have become linked to lower Indoor Air Quality.

It is important that buildings are given a chance to cycle old air from within outside and vice versa.

Indoor Air Quality is an ongoing, emerging topic of discussion in public health. The full side effects suffered on a large scale are still being measured and may not be fully recognized for years. It is important that homeowners and business owners remain vigilant and act responsibly to ensure safety for all of those that may be involved.


Improved Air Quality In Humble, Texas

The ongoing circumstances that surround our homes, surround our businesses, and affect how we feel are still being measured.

Although not everything is known about IAQ, we can clearly see that from the beginning stages of this emerging subject, residences with higher levels are doing themselves and those around them a tremendous favor.

Conversely, homes or businesses with air conditioners that simply do not meet the modern standards of high or adequate IAQ are not only harming their units but ultimately themselves in the process.

If you feel that your air conditioner has seen better days or simply would like to inquire about the effectiveness of your current model, consult the expert technicians of Cruz Air & Electric.

Robert Cruz and his team are industry leaders knowledgeable on the subject of Indoor Air Quality and equipped to produce results to improve the air you breathe within your home or business.

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