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The Hazards of Christmas Lights and Breaker Boxes
Christmas Lights.

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The Hazards of Christmas Lights and Breaker Boxes This Holiday Season

It’s the most electrical time of the year!

That’s right, the holiday season is back and all across Humble, TX and the entire country, families are putting up their favorite Christmas lights and decorations to celebrate good tidings towards men and all the great things this time of year brings to us.

This is why this is the perfect time to remember to take extra care when decorating and working with electricity this holiday season.

According to the statistics from the National Fire Protection Association, the holiday season can be combustible:

  • $10 million in damages due to Christmas tree fires.
  • $12 million in damages attributed to fires caused by decorations.
  • Only 9% of fires caused by decorations were intentional.

Knowing how to prevent some very avoidable scenarios can help you and your family stay a lot safer this holiday season.

Take a look below as we look at some tips and tricks for staying safe and having a better overall display in the process.

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Remove and Replace Broken Christmas LightsFire hazard.

Looking over your decorations from year to year can help you not only put your best foot forward but also eliminate any potential hazards that can be brought on by the decorations themselves.

A lot can happen in a year, and for the most part, these decorations are stored thrown away in some dark attic or shed only to be forgotten about for 9-10 months out of the year.

Things break or go missing and need to be replaced. Fix or replace any electrical decorations that can pose a threat to your home’s well being.

Monitor Your Extension Cords and Electrical Workloads

Too many extension cords can lead to a fire hazard.

Too many extension cords plugged into each other can lead to a fire hazard.

Exposed extension cords, indoor extension cords that are used outdoors instead, and overloading extension cords with an electrical demand that is too much, etc., are all fire hazards.

Have fun this year, but be mindful as your extension cords can be the backbone of your display yet, but if not monitored, the downfall of your home.

Along with extension cords, it is important to realize the load your breakers are taking from your lights and decorations. Overloading your electrical system at best will trigger the breaker to flip and at worse, can be costly or even deadly.

If you are unsure about how much you should expect your home to be able to handle, you may want to seek the advice of a trained, licensed electrician.

Stay safe and avoid putting too much work on your home’s breaker without a proper plan and additional electrical output from other sources such as a generator.

Leave Milk for Santa and Water for Your Trees

Let’s make something abundantly clear; a dry Christmas tree will go up in flames in literal seconds.Christmas tree.

When using hot, decorative lights around live trees, they are going to require regular watering.

The bonus of this safety tip is that your hydrated trees will also produce a more decorative, lively tree for your holiday season!

So remember, keeping your trees, indoor and out, hydrated can help your display put on its best show and keep your home protected.

Take the Load off Your Breaker

Helping your electrical breaker this holiday season can lead to a safer environment and fewer headaches.

Nobody wants their home to catch on fire, but you also don’t want the peak of your light show to be met with an electrical failure as your neighbors disperse in disappointment.

So, how does one help their circuit breaker?

By lightening the load, of course:

  • LED lights can go a long way.
  • Unplug any devices that aren’t currently in use and turn off things that don’t need to be used for the moment.
  • Distribute electricity more evenly, don’t have it completely congregated into one area.

Easing your breaker’s load can help you stay safe, keep things running smoothly, and save you money by avoiding costly repair and utilizing less electricity.

Prevent Hazards Before They Begin

The ultimate fight against electrical hazards is to be proactive as opposed to reactive.Hazard sign!

Electrical inspection for your home’s circuit board and electrical system can go a long way this season in keeping your family prepared.

Already started decorating?

Not a problem, lending your home to an expert eye once everything is set up can help them get an idea of what it is your home is up against this holiday season in terms of use.

Contact the expert electricians Humble, TX has trusted since 1982, Cruz Air & Electric.

For an electrical inspection, you can trust, call us today at (281) 446-4272 to keep your holiday future safe and bright!

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