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Protect Yourself With Surge Protection and Standby Generators   A generator protection a home for electrical damage during a storm.

Storms Vs. Surge protection

Beautiful, inconvenient, and everything in between.

Many may have differing opinions on this phenomenon of nature; however, as a reoccurrence in nature, the one thing we can be sure of is that we as humans need protection from them.

Our homes and structures provide this feature but how often do we think about what’s protecting them?

Being hit by lightning is a real and present threat for any structure and thankfully, their loss is our gain as we are protected from potential impact as they put their metaphorical lives on the line.

The aftermath, however, can be devastating for both our structures and our pocketbooks. When lightning strikes, a multitude of issues may arise ranging from roof or siding damage to internal damage to fires and more.

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Is your home protected with a surge protector?

If not, find out how surge protectors can help save you money in the event of a disaster and keep your family, friends, employees, etc. safe during a typically dangerous event.

Surge Protection For Your Entire Home An entire home shielded from electrical damage.

Typically speaking, surge protectors are commonly used to protect individual household devices and appliances.

These are great and serve their purpose; however, while your television or smartphone might be protected, have you ever considered what’s protecting larger items?

What is used to help preserve things such as your home or business’s air conditioner?

Washing machines?


Larger appliances and intricate devices require additional protection and require further protection which is exactly what you get with a Whole Home Surge Protector.

Whole-Home Surge Protectors are designed to withstand large rushes of electricity from ruining the larger yet overlooked items your home or business uses to function. Whole-Home Surge Protectors play a tremendous role in protecting our homes but specifically can help protect one of the most susceptible features of our homes or businesses for a lightning strike: our air conditioners.

Air conditioners are unfortunately perfect places for lightning to enter a home or business and that can wreak havoc on your structure’s electrical system.

Whole-Home Surge Protectors protect your home or business from suffering from a ruined electrical system.

Because the only thing worse than no electricity is no electricity and busted wiring.

Don’t forget to still use smaller protectors as some electricity may still get through, but a Whole Home Surge Protector that is properly installed by a team of experts can help keep your home safe and your bank account from hurting.

Surge Protectors are great tools to have in place in the event an emergency situation involving lightning were to occur; however, our homes and businesses have more in store for their protection that can help a structure’s inhabitants make it through the loss of a critical utility.

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Standby Generators Will Help You Make It Through a Stormlightening coming out of the clouds during a bad storm.

While surge protectors help protect our homes survive lightning strikes, standby generators help us survive without electricity during perilous times.

Particularly in a storm, electricity can play a valuable role in helping you get through safely. Keeping the electricity going in a safe and efficient way is a major step in the right direction of setting yourself up for success and survival.

Protecting your structure with a standby generator is a great way to ensure your home or business is protected in the event of a storm.

Even smaller storms present real and present dangers. In more serious events such as hurricanes, the dangers are expanded even farther.

An overlooked predicament is the fact that during these storms, your air conditioner being down can present more than just a comfort inconvenience but also potentially serious health issues.

Having a standby generator to step up in your time of need can help keep you cool and safe during the duration of the storm.

Protecting Homes for Over Three Decades   

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Cruz Air & Electric have the experience and tools to keep your home protected from unwanted and unexpected surges in electricity.

Handling everything from air conditioning units, standby generator services, and general electrical work, our team is prepared to keep your home or business powered up and running efficiently and safely.

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