AC maintenance for pet owners

Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget Your Air Conditioner

Summer is just around the corner and in Houston, that means serious temperatures are approaching and our air conditioners are going to be putting in some serious overtime. If you’ve lived in Houston for even a day of our wondrous, humid summers, then you know that to survive this sweltering heat, a properly functioning air conditioning unit is imperative to your comfort and health. The last thing that anyone wants is to experience the need for costly AC repair during the peak of the southern oppressive heat.

The key to avoiding the dreaded call to a local technician or a Google search of “air conditioning repair in Houston” is to prepare before the heat begins

Pet owners face additional and unique obstacles in maintaining their HVAC systems and overloading a home’s system can produce devastating consequences for homeowners; however, what are some of the things homeowners should consider when looking to protect their HVAC unit from the additional challenges faced when housing a pet?

How can homeowners maximize their air conditioner’s lifespan and effectiveness all while assisting their HVAC unit in its fight to maintain quality Indoor Air Quality?

Our guide to maintaining your home’s air conditioner and reducing the strain produced by pet ownership will help you survive the heat and simultaneously maintain your home’s HVAC system.

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HVAC Checklist for Success

When the heat is on, you feel it in almost every aspect of your life. The Houston sun is impossible to truly escape and your home should be a safe haven to relax and recharge away from its relentless heat.

Your furry friends need your assistance to ensure their safety from the heat as well. Keep cool this summer by following these steps to help avoid AC failure in the most critical of seasons.

Stay on Top of Your Air Filters

Air filters should be changed monthly regardless of if you own a pet or not. This chore only amplifies with the responsibility of pet ownership, especially if your particular breed is prone to shedding. Dander, outdoor allergens, and general dust all intensify when an animal is involved. Changing the air filters of your home and cleaning the ventilation guard is a critical first step to containing the various airborne debris being produced and lessening the strain on your heating and cooling system.


To Dust is a Must

Dusting, the pesky chore that we pretend to do more than we ought to. It’s tedious, it’s boring, and it’s a sneeze attack waiting to happen. Lessen those attacks by adding this chore into your household’s rotation more often and not only avoid excess dust but in doing so, help your home’s HVAC unit cool your home and maintain proper air quality with less of a burden. A key to remember is that the less work your home’s heating and cooling system has to do in consideration to blockages and airflow, the longer your air conditioner is going to last and the more effective it’s going to be.

Another point to be made here is to remember to implement additional routine cleaning techniques such as sweeping and vacuuming to help limit the amount of airborne debris within a home.

Set Up an Air Conditioning Service Plan

Typical HVAC units are serviced twice a year and spring is one of the most recommended times not only nationwide, but specifically for the Houston area. Our humid summers are a neverending marathon of heat and miserable conditions that are the perfect storm to devastate an air conditioner. Having a team of qualified, licensed technicians conduct bi-annual system checks and maintenance can help save you large sums of money in the long-term, all while keeping your home’s temperature at an acceptable level in the short-term.

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Set Up a Scheduled Grooming Service

Pet ownership across many different breeds and species are almost universal in their common bond in the fight against shedding. It’s not a news flash, it’s a commonly known part of owning a pet; however, don’t neglect the effects that shedding can and will have on your air conditioner.

Maintain your pet’s coat by hiring a scheduled, professional grooming service to ensure your pet is looking good and feeling good this summer. Trimming their hair in this extreme heat can not only help them feel cooler but reduces the strain on your home’s HVAC to assist it in producing a comfortable, responsible environment.


Air Purifiers Never Hurt Either

Air purifiers can help improve and maintain the quality of your home’s air and their role in helping your home’s HVAC system becomes even bigger when given the responsibility of ridding the air from pet dander.

Implementing these devices, along with the previously mentioned tips, can help form an overall strategy in combating the heat and providing your air conditioner the much-needed assistance during its peak usage.


Be AC Attentive Throughout This Summer

Regardless of how many steps are taken to help relieve your air conditioner this summer, the fact remains that due to the harshness of the Houston climates, AC repair is still a possibility for any home. The heat here is simply too dangerous and unrelenting to ignore and to ensure your family, four-legged or two, is in a safe and responsible environment, it is important to monitor your HVAC unit for any abnormalities.

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