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Residential and Commercial AC Maintenance Routines
HVAC technician performing an AC Repair service

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Residential and Commercial AC Maintenance Routines

When it’s warm it’s hot and when it’s hot it’s unbearable. In the Houston area, summertime is the rule and winter is barely the exception. Southern heat bears down upon this beautiful concrete jungle without mercy and amplifies its presence with the assistance of the intensely humid climate. To put it lightly, you get your money’s worth out of your air conditioners here in Texas.

At least in a perfect world.

You see our AC units, especially when taking into consideration the additional responsibilities such a harsh environment will add to the workload of an air conditioner, have a lot to account for. These blessings of engineering are directly and indirectly responsible for a wide variety of comfort and health in regards to both our bodies and our structures and both residential and commercial air conditioners require maintenance to maintain their workload.

Most professionals will agree that an HVAC system should undergo a minimum of two scheduled maintenance appointments a year, but is an ongoing maintenance plan really necessary?

How can they benefit your home or business and what are the differences between the two?

With our helpful walkthrough, we will breakdown the various benefits, reasons, and differences involved when adding a maintenance routine to help assist your air conditioner to perform at its optimal level.

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The Benefits of Scheduling Maintenance for Your AC


Creating a comfortable environment for your home or business is something many of us are blessed enough to take for granted. Our air conditioners can transform a structure that would be otherwise downright miserable, and turn them into livable, breathable spaces conducive for living and living well. Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits our AC units receive when they are the recipients of a scheduled maintenance plan by a licensed team of professionals.


Expect a Longer Life Expectancy for Your Air Conditioner


The stress applied to an air conditioner, again, especially when considering the harsh climate of Houston, adds up over time. AC service plans allow homeowners and business owners the opportunity to maximize the longevity of their investment because AC service plans reduce stress on the unit.

The reduced amount of stress that is being applied to your air conditioning unit will allow it to not only work for a longer amount of time but also more efficiently over that period.


Even homes or businesses with newer systems will find that HVAC units under a service plan simply create a cooler environment with greater ease.


Better Efficiency = Energy Savings


Air conditioners with better efficiency help save you money beyond staving off premature breakdowns.

AC units that are enabled to provide cooler temperatures faster and maintain those temperatures are going to save you from shelling out unnecessary money to your energy provider.

It should come as no surprise that Texas ranks fifth in the country when it comes to energy consumption and anyone who has paid an energy bill during the month of August will agree that energy costs can be a financial obstacle in peak months. Businesses that are looking to cut costs and improve their bottom lines know that overhead can really add up in the summer months and here in the south, summer months just seem to linger longer than most places.

Scheduled maintenance plans from qualified experts can help deliver your home or business a better product while reducing the costs associated.


Find Solutions and Save More Money


Monitoring your air conditioner is a great practice but let’s be honest, who truly has the time?

Even if you have the time, do you have the expertise?

Of course, we encourage homeowners and businessmen and women alike to monitor their air conditioners to some degree, but in-depth analysis of your AC should come from a professional. Having a professional repairman who is not only trained to spot potential problems but also equipped to make any necessary repairs, can be the difference between replacing a part of your air conditioner versus replacing an entire HVAC unit, additionally; service plans allow technicians access and time to give your units a deeper clean. Changing air filters or ensuring your unit is free of outdoor debris will ultimately fall on the unit’s owner but utilizing an expert to clean the inner workings of your HVAC unit will provide you with better indoor air quality, cooler temperatures, fewer breakdowns, and less of a strain on the air conditioning unit.


The technical aspects that are monitored during your serviceman’s visit is a wonderful benefit within itself but as we can see, maintenance plans can provide much more value than appears at the surface.

Service Plans Improve the Overall Quality of Life


Indoor air quality or IAQ is basically the concept in the HVAC world that describes the level of quality of air that is within a structure,  for better or for worse. The deeper cleaning that results from a service plan results in a cleaner product for the consumer. Cleaner air garners many health benefits and in particular, can help those who suffer from respiratory issues such as asthma.

IAQ is important even if we don’t typically spend much time fixated on it. The benefits of improving the air we breathe both at home or in our business can go a long way to help protect against unwanted conditions such as mold and higher concentrations of pollen or pet dander.


Protect My Home or Business With an AC Service Plan? Absolutely!


We’ve reviewed the benefits of improved indoor air quality and a big part of that is the reduction of mold. Our air conditioners are known to provide cool air for a structure’s inhabitants; however, did you know that your air conditioner also assists heavily in regulating the level of humidity in your home or business?

The creation of mold comes from moisture and increased levels of humidity can ultimately lead to mold forming. Mold is commonly known to produce negative health effects but the annoying fungus is an unwanted guest of any home or business, and while thankfully mold is not known to cause structural damage, the conditions presented when mold forms have been linked to harmful decay fungi forming due to their ability to live in similar conditions.

The bottom line is that low indoor air quality can mean trouble for the health of you, your family, your co-workers, and your building. Having a service plan in place can help prevent your IAQ from reaching lower levels and keeps your home or business within acceptable, livable conditions.


Additional Repair from The Experts Humble Can Trust


Service plans are meant to be implemented to continue the performance you expect from your air conditioner. Scheduling maintenance by expert technicians will produce the previously discussed benefits and protect your home or business in the long run. While these measures can do a great deal to protect, as with anything in life, things can still occur and will require a trained professional to identify and resolve:

  • Damaged or broken condenser coils. If your air conditioner is showing signs of failure such as blowing warm or hot air instead of cooling your home or business, a defective condenser coil may be to blame. Condenser coils can be damaged from debris, furthering the importance of a service plan. It is also possible that components related to your AC unit’s condenser coil may be damaged such as a leaky tube or busted seal or defective control board. If your condenser coils begin to overheat, over time they will simply shut down and your air conditioner will cease to produce cold air. Contact a trusted HVAC company immediately as this requires the attention of an expert professional.


  • Thermostat failure. Possibly one of the most overlooked aspects of HVAC can sometimes be thermostats and how they help our systems accurately and efficiently fulfill their purpose. Having a service plan will provide an extra layer of protection and gives your thermostat someone with a deeper technical background to check for signs of malfunction. If your thermostat does fail, you may need to call an AC repairman to not only replace or repair, but to verify that your thermostat is, in fact, the issue at hand. Inaccurate readings lead to the inability to properly cool your structure.


Proper maintenance and care must be applied to get the most out of your AC unit. If you’re looking to begin a maintenance schedule or replace and install a new AC unit, trust Cruz Air & Electric, Houston’s leading experts on all things HVAC.

The team at Cruz Air & Electric is equipped with over 35 years of experience in the field and has the ability to assess and customize a service plan that works specifically for your home or business. We pride ourselves on our ability to pinpoint and execute tailormade maintenance plans and HVAC solutions for each of our customers and guarantee your satisfaction from the work of our highly qualified team. To learn more, check out our Preventative Maintenance Service Agreement (PMSA) for an in-depth overview of what our team of experts can implement to help your AC today!

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