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Pollution, Heart Disease, & Indoor Air Quality
Pollution in the air from a factory.

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Pollution, Heart Disease, & Indoor Air Quality

Disclaimer: Cruz Air & Electric and its affiliates are not medical professionals. Any medical advice should be sought from a qualified and licensed medical professional.

Air Quality

Living in Humble, TX, comes with a variety of benefits that keeps this wonderful community thriving.

Our suburb is neatly tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Houston and yet still within reach for all of the comforts that modern cities bring their inhabitants.

However, with this convenient access comes a troubling realization as well, Humble is significantly affected by the industrial progress that takes place in and around other parts of the Greater Houston area.

The air that we breathe may vary here or there, but generally speaking, the poor air quality that can be brought on due to general pollution from vehicles and industrial pollution from oil refineries or chemical plants affects our suburb more than you might realize.Air pollution affecting IAQ

When you throw in the immense amount of construction this city maintains and unfortunate tragedies such as the ITC fire that occurred on St. Patrick’s Day, and it becomes clear that pollution is an issue this city continues to fight.

With the city still ranked as one of the most polluted cities in the nation by the Houston Chronicle, and some studies showing that it may play a more significant role than expected in the development of heart disease, it is crucial to consider the negative affects our outdoor may have on our lives.

So, how can one protect themselves against pollution and ensure they are breathing better quality air to improve their health?

We aren’t doctors, nor are we environmentalists, but we do play a role in the air home’s intake and ultimately breathe.

Together, we can examine ways you and your family can breathe better and protect your Indoor Air Quality from harmful pollutants outdoors.

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Your Air Filters Protect Your Family and AC Unit

As the EPA continues to research precisely how pollution influences heart disease and to what extent, regardless of their findings, we must remain informed and proactive.

And while outdoor pollution may be out of our hands in many ways, the air we breathe indoors can be affected and controlled by homeowners and their trusted HVAC technicians.

One of the primary places to start is with your home’s air filter.

Air filters help us improve our Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in two major ways:
Filtering out containments before we, the inhabitants, breathe them in.
Keeping your air conditioning system running without extra strain.Air filters improve indoor air quality.

We can also assist our air filters by maintaining healthy practices and chores such as cleaning up after indoor pets, dusting, vacuuming, disposing of decomposing garbage, etc.

The overall idea is to protect your family by keeping the quality of the air you can control as high as possible.

Air Leaks do More Than Hurt Your Energy Bill

The best way to keep outdoor air from influencing the air in your home is to prevent it from entering in the first place. One of the biggest factors in keeping the two separate is going to be limiting and eliminating air leaks from your home.

Air leaks are costly and harm your health. Your home is vulnerable to air leaks from your windows, attic, doors, HVAC units, and any other point of access that connects the indoors from out.

Air leaks can be hard to identify without an expert eye, but locating and remedying the issue can save your family from an increase in energy bills and protect their hearts as well.

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality With the Experts

Protecting your family from harmful hazards to their health is a serious responsibility that we here at Cruz Air & Electric do not take lightly.

While we can’t solve everything, we take pride in playing our humble role in ensuring that your family is equipped with the tools they need to breathe the best possible air inside of their home.

If you’re concerned about the state of your home’s indoor air quality, contact us today and have one of our expert technicians examine and assess your HVAC unit to secure it against outdoor hazards that may cause harm to your health.

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