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Pollen Protection: Help Your Home’s Heating and Cooling System This Spring
Child wiping nose because of pollen allergies

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Pollen Protection: Help Your Home’s Heating and Cooling System This Spring

It’s on our cars, it’s in our driveways, it’s in our homes. It may be rodeo season, but mother nature has no problem reminding us what season it really is.

Pollen is here folks, prepare yourself.
A necessary part of this Earth’s life cycle but an obstacle for allergy sufferers and car enthusiasts alike, pollen and other dust particles are floating around this beautiful city wreaking havoc on its citizens.

An often overlooked aspect of pollen’s infiltration, however, is its effect on our home or business. Specifically, the heating and cooling systems we rely on. As temperatures will be rising soon, air conditioning usage will rise with it and AC’s full of pollen and dust will be responsible for pumping in and cooling the air we breathe.

It’s important to remember that we need to protect our heating and cooling systems this Spring season and with our tips, you can help your AC unit avoid overuse and effectively produce a cleaner end product.

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More Than Just an Annoyance

Ask any heating and cooling contractor and they will tell you that pollen and dust can and will cause serious problems for your family. Many people overlook what they cannot typically see and this is no different. The fact remains that a home or business must be mindful of the quality of air that is being pushed through a residence.

We clean our homes, our cars, and ourselves…well hopefully, but when is the last time you’ve stopped and cleaned your heating and cooling system?

Does your heating and cooling contractor have a current and annual system of servicing your unit?

It’s common for us to call a contractor when something major happens. Our AC unit stops blowing cold or if it’s time for an upgrade then of course, but what about routine maintenance?

Pollen left inside air ducts can pose a threat to the sinuses of anyone who has an allergy against such things; however, the indoor air quality of your home can become more paramount for those with respiratory issues such as asthma. Smaller children and the elderly are at even more risk when exposed and serious health situations can arise from consistently breathing air that doesn’t sustain the quality needed for human consumption.

Beyond the imperative health issues that will arise from pollen, heating and cooling systems are affected during allergy season by having to work that much harder to cool the air. Especially with temperatures rising, the added stress is a recipe for disaster. Overworked AC units lead to failure which leads to unfortunate AC repair and unwanted maintenance costs.

Tips to Protect Against Pollen

Allergy season isn’t going away and unless an incredible breakthrough in the human evolutionary cycle was to occur, we are all going to have to continue to breathe. Here is a guide to help protect your home against airborne allergens, specifically how to fight back against the annual invasion of pollen:

    • Close and seal your home or business. Obviously most residents aren’t keeping their homes open and free for any and all visitors to intrude; however, on a cooler day, it can be common for residents to open their home’s windows. Maybe you have a pet door that can allow for small particles to enter through. These are all common ways for dust and pollen to enter and stay in a home. If you have any cracks or places in your home or business that you’re aware of but have put on the backburner of projects, it may be time to move it up and finally get those areas sealed and secured. Pollen can enter from a myriad of ways and the first line of defense are the walls, doors, and windows that protect your home or business’s occupants.
    • Change your air filters and dust often. Air filters are sometimes overlooked and should be changed monthly. This is especially true during allergy season. Your AC will thank you for making its job easier by addressing dust before it reaches its system, and a clean air filter will help keep it running smoothly and efficiently with improved indoor air quality.
  • Make sure your air ducts are cleaned. This goes back to simply having a cleaner HVAC system which will ultimately result in a cleaner, safer product. While air ducts aren’t meant to be cleared and cleaned every month, it may be something to consider at least once every couple of years. Having a trusted air conditioning service performed by a licensed heating and cooling contractors will help your AC survive and thrive for years to come.
  • Keep up with cleaning your clothes, pets, and linens. We hope this is a part of your daily and weekly routine already, but during the annual pollen blast, it may be important to be extra mindful of your cleaning efforts. If you’ve spent all day in the yard working on your garden or maybe just grilling with some neighbors, put your clothes in the wash immediately when finished and help avoid the spread of pollen from outdoors. If your dog has had a fun day running around chasing frisbees with your kids, make sure you consider the pollen and pet dander that is infiltrating your HVAC system. Bedding and other linens are also prone to holding pollen that will come into our homes on our clothing or body.

The fight against pollen will continue and preparing your home or business with this guide will help everyone inside breathe easy both literally and figuratively. Serious respiratory issues and hindrances should be taken with caution, and ultimately the advice of your personal doctor should always be adhered to.

Help Your AC Unit

Requiring AC repair is one of the most inconvenient needs in life. Taking the time, money, and energy that comes along with the repair is a pain, to say the least. By implementing these steps, you can help your home or business’s AC unit avoid repair and improve its lifetime and results.

If your air conditioning unit could use its ducts cleaned, a scheduled air conditioning service, or if you are in need of upgrading your HVAC all together, contact the trusted professionals at Cruz Air & Electric and see what we can do to solve your air conditioning needs.

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