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No Sleep ‘Till….Better HVAC Units
Comfort from your AC

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No Sleep ‘Till… Better HVAC Units

Sleeping is a necessary and healthy aspect of each of our lives. Love or hate it, the time we spend sleeping is critical to the success of our efforts when we are awake, and while according to The Sleep Foundation, most Americans are in fact getting the recommended amount of sleep, 1 in 4 Americans report not feeling refreshed after sleeping. On top of this, 35% of Americans would rate their sleep as less than “fair”.

Sleep apnea, insomnia, the amount of time we spend looking at screens, etc. are all commonly mentioned issues that affect one’s sleep, but have you ever considered the role your HVAC unit plays in ensuring you receive a quality night’s sleep?

The overall indoor air quality of your home is imperative for a successful, refreshing rest through the night. This guide will help you not only sleep better, but also breathe better, maximize your HVAC’s qualities, and help you gain the energy you would ordinarily lose due to lack of rest.

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3 Tips for A Better Night’s Sleep

Quality sleep begins with a quality environment in which to do so. You wouldn’t set up 15 loud TV’s on full volume while laying on a spiked surface and expect to get the most out of your rest while dwelling there for sleep. The same goes for your HVAC unit and the air it pumps through your home. Here are steps homeowners can take with their heating and cooling systems to get a better night’s sleep:


  • Set your thermostat to an optimal temperature. Grab a blanket, because the ideal temperature to sleep according to is between 60-67°F for adults, yet you may want to speak with your doctor on the optimal temperature for small children and babies. Setting your thermostat on an appropriate schedule that aligns with your home’s sleep schedule will help you keep cool, rest better, and avoid unnecessary usage outside the allotted times.


  • Filter out bad sleep by remembering to change your air filters. Clean air filters that are changed often, at least monthly, are an essential step in sleeping better and longer. As we mentioned, the air quality that is created by your HVAC unit has an important duty in how we sleep. A home that is filled with dust, mold particles, pet dander, pollen, etc. is susceptible to health issues, specifically in regards to respiratory systems. Breathing is obviously important, especially when sleeping, and it is important that we ensure the air we are breathing while we sleep is of the highest quality.
  • Help your HVAC unit with fans and humidifiers/dehumidifiers. Your air conditioning and heating units work hard, give them a hand by using fans to help your home reach a cooler temperature while you sleep. Humidity also affects our sleep cycle and thankfully our HVAC units assist us in regulating our home’s humidity level. If your humidity is too low, your body can become irritated and uncomfortable. Too high and it can spark the growth of mold which leads to mold spores and dust. Be sure to monitor your humidity levels, many modern thermostats also monitor this for homeowners or measure with a digital hygrometer and adjust accordingly.


Overlooking a home’s HVAC unit can be a critical missed area. Homeowners looking to maximize their sleep and improve their overall quality of life need to remember their heating and cooling systems play as important of a role as the fanciest of mattresses.

Bonus Tip for Your HVAC Unit

Schedule the professionals at Cruz Air & Electric for a bi-annual maintenance plan.

Ensure your home’s HVAC is in pristine condition and providing the best possible service by speaking with the experts at Cruz and ask how your home can benefit from a maintenance plan executed by our licensed professionals.

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