Home energy use.

How to Lower Your Energy Bill

Energy costs continue your rise in Humble, TX, and sadly, this year was no different.

The Houston Chronicle has reported that CenterPoint Energy did, in fact, raise costs yet again this Fall, and the ramifications of those increased costs can be sure to find themselves on your bills this winter.

So, what does this mean for the average resident?

Unless you enjoy losing additional money for a utility we all rely on, the answer is as simple as it is complicated, we must be more diligent as consumers.

We say we because this is a change that affects everyone, businesses alike, and know first hand the importance of making every dollar count.

Cutting back and ensuring certain things are in place to help your home retain its temperature and use less electricity can help your final bill feel a little less of a burden, regardless of the additional circumstances that may raise its cost.

A rise in prices…this is exactly the kick in the pants that we can all use from time to time to revisit and reapply everyday tips that will help us survive the winter and build momentum into 2020 as we look at ways to save money on your energy bill this winter.

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Take Advantage of the MarketA lit light bulb.

One of the best places to start is to remember that we here in Humble, TX, have the power to choose!

Powertochoose.org provides consumers with an up-to-date marketplace in which you can shop prices and compare rates and plans to find the perfect plan to fit your needs.

You can look into both short and long-term plans and determine from a variety of providers the best plan for your home’s energy consumption.

Find and Eliminate Air Leaks

If you want to stay warm this winter, the best way to ensure you keep warm is to keep the warm air you have in and colder air out.

Heating your home is not enough because your furnace could be up against a fight; it cannot win if your home is not prepared to keep indoor and outdoor air separate.

Search for air leaks around doors, windows, vents, and attic entrances and ensure they are properly sealed and secure to save big on your energy bills this winter.

Limit Your Heating for Water and Home

Temperatures can be life or death when and if extreme outdoor conditions hit, so please, exercise caution, but overusing your heater can bring additional costs to your bill.

Utilizing jackets, blankets, long johns, hoodies, etc., can go a long way in keeping you safe, warm, and spending less on your bills.Thermometer

The same goes for heating your water, so be mindful of how much hot water is used this winter. Sure, a hot shower may feel perfect but considering it takes more energy to warm water in the winter, be mindful of how hot and how long you consider making your daily ritual of cleanliness.

Maintain the Basics

Piggybacking the previous theme, it’s important to maintain basic usage knowledge and practices year-round.

Are you using less electricity?

That will save you energy costs.

Appliances that aren’t being used?

Unplug them.

Not home/not in a room?

Turn off the lights and save on your bills!

Using a fundamental approach to saving on energy costs will help you save money and provide realistic steps you can take to use less energy.

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Save Heat and Money With InsulationEnergy Savings

Similar to ensuring your home is properly sealed, insulation saves you money and keeps rooms at the correct temperature.

Hiring a professional for your home’s insulation needs can provide your home with the best coverage and results; however, there are other DIY options available that can be done to keep warm air where it should be and cold air out.

Insulating your home pays off both financially and from a comfort standpoint in the long run.

Stay Warm by Reducing Your Furnace’s Workload

All of these tips can be applied to your home and help your furnace accomplish more for less money towards energy.

Ensuring your furnace is working correctly and not being strained will help your HVAC unit last longer and provide a warmer, purer end product.

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With decades of experience, we have the tools and staff to ensure you get the most out of your heater and can help you save on energy costs in the process.

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