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Hidden Factors That Affect Your Indoor Air Quality
There are hidden factors that affect your indoor air quality.

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Hidden Factors That Affect Your Indoor Air Quality

Our home is a place of refuge, but we spend very little time thinking about our indoor air quality.

Long days and nights of business or pleasure add up.

Returning home is a time of refreshment and safety for many Americans.

In fact, more and more Americans are spending more time in their homes with the trend likely to rise. Modern conveniences such as food delivery services, online banking, or personal shoppers are making staying home easier than ever.

With all of this time spent in your home have you ever considered the environment you’re spending time in?

Sure, you’re great at cleaning up your child’s spills and messes or throwing your gym clothes straight into the wash, but how clean is the air your breathe day-in and day-out?

Your home’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a perfect example of OSOM (out of sight, out of mind).

Enough with the acronyms, let’s take a closer look at ways to improve your home’s indoor air quality and some of the hidden factors that can negatively affect it.

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Toxic FlooringOld and dirty flooring can effect your air quality.

Often overlooked and easily neglected, your home’s flooring can be a significant source for declining IAQ due to toxins.

Does your home currently have carpet flooring?

Carpet flooring is a perfect place for allergens, dust, dirt, pet dander…and we haven’t even mentioned the toxic chemicals.

Have you installed vinyl flooring?

Be warned that studies show that vinyl flooring can be riddled with processed plastics, toxins, lead, and other chemicals.

The flooring choices for your home can have a major impact on the quality of air for you and your inhabitants.

Choosing safer options such as hardwood or tile can help your home maintain high IAQ.

Your Best Friends Lower Your IAQ

No, not your friend from college or your favorite mom from your kid’s school.

We’re talking about your pets.

Soft, fluffy, clumsy, and oh so loveable, everyone loves a great pet; however, their natural shedding may be doing more damage to your home than you think.

Brushing your pets and keeping up with their shedding fur can help reduce pet dander and fur in the air you breathe.

Litter boxes and newspapers are necessary for your friends to relieve themselves; however, these odors do more than offend one’s nose.

Be sure to make their business your business by cleaning after your pets swiftly and thoroughly.

Of course, cleaning brushing, dusting, and vacuuming can’t get everything…

Neglecting Your Air Filters Hurts Your ACAir filters directly effect your indoor air quality.

Air filters are the perfect tool in the fight against pet dander and so much more.

Not only do they improve your home’s indoor air quality, but they also help your AC unit work more effectively and survive longer.

Air filters help filter out many of the things humans frankly don’t want to breathe in and reduce the strain on your home’s air conditioner.

But a dirty filter, or no filter at all, can harm your AC and your health.

Change your air filter once a month, and this monthly chore will repay you with better air to breathe and fewer repairs to fix.

Opening Your Home at Appropriate Times Helps Circulation

The air pumped through your home’s air conditioner is not enough.

While opening your home’s windows or doors during peak allergy season may not be the best way to go about things, refreshing the air in your home can help improve IAQ and circulation.

Over time, the air in your home becomes recycled over and over again reducing its quality and carrying germs, dander, and toxins along with it.

Fall is the perfect time for Houstonians to quite literally catch a breath of fresh air by opening their homes to the cooler, fresher air autumn brings.

This can help lower your energy bill and improve your air quality. A win-win situation.

IAQ Experts In Humble, TX

The smallest things in our lives can add up, and collectively, they can make a huge difference.

Be on the lookout for areas in your home that can reduce your IAQ and invest in your health by installing air purifiers and remembering to renew your air filters each month.

For a complete, thorough job on upkeeping your indoor air quality, trust the experts at Cruz Air & Electric.

Their fall maintenance plan can help your home have a better quality of air being produced all while monitoring your AC’s components that may save you money in the long run.

Contact Cruz Air & Electric today and have your home’s Indoor Air Quality improved in no time!

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