Hurricane season affecting your ac

Heat & Hurricanes – Air Conditioners Can Be a Lifesaver

Humble, TX is far too familiar with the obstacles hurricanes can bring homeowners and business owners alike.

Residents are blessed to live in such a growing, convenient community; however, nature stops for no man. The storms will come and go but how your home or business fares during those unfortunate times will depend on many things, including access to utilities such as electricity and air conditioning.

While it can be easy to underestimate the roles our air conditioners play in our everyday lives, going without one for an extended period of time during a state of emergency is a great reminder of how much they actually do for our structures and lives.

Guaranteeing your family’s or employee’s safety is the obvious main objective during a hurricane, survival comes first. This blog will show you how to ensure areas of safety for your home or business in ways you may not have previously considered.

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Hurricane Season is During Peak Heat

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One of the most overlooked aspects of hurricane season is that its peak and the peak of our temperatures coincide.

It can be very easy to forget this as hurricanes aren’t exactly the first things that come to mind when trying to demonstrate heat; however, this is actually incredibly logical because hurricanes require the Gulf of Mexico to experience a rise in temperatures and host warm water for their formation or to simply sustain them.

While the event may bring cooler temperatures to an area, they are only temporary. The reality is that the aftermath of hurricanes can be quite exhausting. Humid, sticky air that is possibly intensified due to flooding, a blistering sun that is beating down relentlessly, and, of course, the possible scenario of going without an air conditioner.

If you stay during a hurricane, it is important to be prepared for what comes afterward, especially if you have pets, children, or the elderly, and create a plan of action to survive until things can be properly rebuilt.

Going without power and air conditioning can be literally deadly for some residents and present an opportunity for heatstroke and dehydration.

Having access to electricity and air conditioning is imperative with temperatures reaching the high 90s and even low 100s. Make sure part of your survival plan is to acquire these modern necessities.

Your Indoor Air Quality May Suffer

If we are honest with ourselves, the Houston area brings a lot of wondrous qualities and provides value for the entire world, but we aren’t the best at being pollutant-free.

Everyone has their flaws, this one just happens to be ours.

And while things are getting better, we still have a ways to go.

Combining this with the fact that hurricanes and other natural disasters or storms can hinder or damage things which keep typically protected chemicals away from humans, and it can be seen easily how the quality of one’s air can be affected unfortunately in a negative manner.

Negative Indoor Air Quality or IAQ has the ability to affect those with weakened immune systems or asthma and when untreated, can lead to worse symptoms and health issues.

With all of the added moisture, it is also important to note the important role our air conditioners take on in the fight against mold and without air conditioning, your home or business may also suffer from a lower state of IAQ due to this additional factor.

Maintaining a healthy environment in the aftermath of a natural disaster is one of the most challenging things to do. Electricity and air conditioning help make this challenge a lot more manageable.

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Portable Generators Can Pose Threats to Your Health and Structure

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All too often, people with the best of intentions purchase a portable generator for a time of crisis, set it up, and due to improper usage become harmed from carbon monoxide poisoning, the leading cause of poisoning in America according to the Texas Poison Center Network.

Furthermore, portable generators simply cannot stand up to the task of powering an entire structure. At best, they fail and you’re left going without, but other complications can arise that can put you at risk of a fire or shorting the electrical work in your home or business.

To stand up to a task of this size, your best bet is to purchase a standby generator that is specifically built to sustain outdoor elements and automatically turn on when its service is required.

Standby generators provide owners with a sense of security and functionality portable generators simply cannot.

Accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, dangerous setup, wind interference and more are all eliminated when using a standby generator in lieu of a portable generator.

Simply put, standby generators are safer, more reliable options to keep you powered up through a storm.

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