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Everything You Need to Know About R410a
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Everything You Need to Know About R410a

Before we get into what you need to know about R410a, can we ask for a moment of silence?

We’re putting to rest R-22, a faithful refrigerant that has completed its service for our homes and businesses.

Thank you, and may it rest in peace.

You see, R-22 has been keeping people comfortable around the world since 1928 when Freon was discovered by Thomas Midgley, Jr. and his team.

But come January 1, 2020, the manufacturing of air conditioning systems using R-22 refrigerant will come to a halt, and new AC units will use R410a refrigerant in its place.

The change is part of an ongoing process that has been occurring to provide HVAC units with a proper way to cool homes and businesses but in a way that is more environmentally thoughtful and leaves less of an impact.R-410A refrigerant tank

So, what exactly makes R410a different, and what should homeowners and business owners know about this refrigerant?

Taking a closer examination, we can see the many similarities, differences, and benefits that R410a brings to the table and how they may affect you.

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R410a is Better for the Environment

The ultimate reasoning for the switch from R-22 to R410a is what we’ve mentioned before; it’s simply better for the environment.

R-22 has many wonderful qualities, but they, unfortunately, come at the expense of our ozone layer, and so many nations and continents, including the European Union, have begun banning this refrigerant from being used in HVAC units.

R410a can also help with a structure’s power consumption by allowing their HVAC unit to reach higher SEER Ratings and lowering the amount of energy needed to cool an area.

It isn’t perfect, but R410a is the future and helps reduce the impact our air conditioners have on the Earth as a whole.

Okay, Great, but how Much Does R410a Cost?

While R410a is expected to rise some as demand grows, the costs of R410a have remained relatively the same and are generally cheaper than R-22.

As R-22 phases out and units that use the refrigerant become more and more scarce, its price, due to rarity, has increased to match the additional demand and scarcity of the product.

R410a should pose no significant immediate threats to one’s pocketbook, and due to its effectiveness in keeping homes cooler while using less energy, R410a can actually save homeowners and business owners money.

Can R410a be Used in a Unit That Uses R-22?

The short answer is it’s best to upgrade your air conditioner and use a system that is compatible with the new refrigerant.

Air conditioning unit.

The longer answer involves several factors, including speaking with your local HVAC experts, the costs and complications associated with trying to convert your current system, the

incompatibility of the oil your current system uses versus that of a newer unit using R410a, and much more.

The bottom line is that when it comes to your air conditioner if it uses R-22, it cannot in its current state use R410a.

You’ll Have to Convert Your AC Unit…Just Not Yet

Current quantities of R-22 are going to get scarcer and more expensive as time goes by; however, switching your air conditioner isn’t a dire necessity just yet.

HVAC companies have ample supply to service existing air conditioners, but buyer beware.

Be sure the company you use is a reputable, licensed HVAC company with technicians that are equipped with safe refrigerants that won’t damage your AC unit and put you at risk.

Are you looking to get ahead of the curve?

The typical life cycle of an air conditioner in Texas is between 10-20 years with 10-15 years being more of the norm, and 20 the exception.What do we do once the HVAC refrigerant laws change?

R-22 began being phased out of air conditioner units back in 2010, and with 2020 being the beginning of when those units are starting to enter the end of their life cycles, it is only a matter of time before air conditioners using R-22 will become obsolete.

Robert Cruz and his team have been serving Humble, TX, and the surrounding areas since the ’80s and Cruz Air & Electric is prepared to help assess your air conditioning needs and replace your AC units when necessary.

Contact Cruz Today and speak to one of our experts to learn more about the changes that will affect homes and businesses once R410a is fully implemented or to schedule a replacement of your current air conditioning system.

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