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Cooking Up A Look: Tips For Your Kitchen’s Lighting

A social hotspot, a personal Chopped stage, and the room responsible for delicious memories and hilarious misfires. Our kitchens truly have the ability to transform our house into a home and when it comes to lighting options, the routes available are only limited by your imagination.

Recessed lighting can be used to create a more intimate look while a premium kitchen light fixture has the ability to captivate those in the room and acts as a work of art.

Beyond the obvious, we use the lights in our home to see, of course, your home’s light fixtures have the ability to produce so much more for you. Lighting can hold the responsibility of setting the perfect ambiance on special occasions, becoming the conversation piece of the room or even highlighting your room’s strongest feature.

Thinking of updating your kitchen’s look?

Illuminate those ideas with this guide to take your kitchen’s lighting to the next level.

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Fix Your Lighting With Fixtures

Choosing a direction for your kitchen can be exciting but knowing where to start can be daunting. Take this opportunity to express yourself through your home and showcase your style through lighting:

  • Pendant Lighting– A great way to start a conversation and create a bold look for your kitchen. Using pendant lighting within a theme can tie a room together in a creative, fun way. Your options here are limitless. From a rustic wooden barnyard look with hanging bulbs to modern sleek designs to industrial pieces, pendant lighting allows your creativity to flow and imagination to wonder.
  • Recessed Lighting– Using recessed lighting will provide you with great light coverage of your kitchen. A great way to use fewer lights that are brighter to accurate provide your kitchen with sufficent lighting. Be sure to measure your kitchen to map an accurate layout and avoid creating unwanted shadows within your room. If you are unsure, it is always encouraged to reach out to a professional to ensure a polished end result.
  • Accent Lighting– The perfect way to showcase and highlight a specific area in your kitchen. Using lights such as LED light strips or tape can provide your kitchen with accentuated features and adds a “pop” to any look. Accent lighting is also a great way to provide low levels of light during times when you may need to see, but don’t want the entire room illuminated.
  • Floor Lamps– The biggest advantage and difference with floor lamps when compared to the ceiling or accent lighting is their mobility. Floor lamps can be positioned in different areas of the kitchen and in conjunction with your ceiling lights, can be a great asset in highlighting areas when we need them and then turning them off when we do not. Floor lamps can also be used to decorate a room and using floor lamps in your kitchen can add to the overall look of the room.

Showcasing your culinary skills is a breeze with the right lighting and updating your fixtures can add a great look to any home. Lighting is diverse and combining ideas with additional features such as dimmer switches, LED strips or natural lighting, can transform your kitchen and your home.

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Hot Looks, Cooler Homes

We’ve highlighted the aesthetic and functionality of your home’s lighting, but what about the fact that you can save money?

Proper lighting, specifically when using LED lights, can have your home’s temperature cooler and your energy bills lower. Traditional lighting generates a lot of overlooked heat and by switching your fixtures and floor lamps to LED, you can help reduce the energy used to not only light the room but also maintain its temperature.

Highlight Your Meals With Cruz

Kitchen’s are typically one of the best rooms in our homes and with these helpful hints and tips, you’ll be on your way to bringing new life to yours.

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