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Buying a Standby Generator 101

Looking to Purchase a Standby Generator? Here’s what you need to Know!

Electricity is such an ingrained modern convenience within our lives, we typically don’t consider it as a convenience at all anymore but instead as a necessity.

And while catching up on whatever Netflix series you’re currently viewing may ring true to the side of convenience, there are also some valid points to be made about electricity being a necessity in our lives as well.

Losing electricity can have ramifications that go beyond the surface and can cost families financially and also present health issues for some households.

In Humble, Texas, we’re no stranger to heat, catastrophic storms, or the loss of power, but there is a better way.

Stand by generators save you a lot of time and frustration.

Standby generators allow homeowners to fight back against failed infrastructures and forces of nature by providing a reliable source of electricity that keeps your home running during even the most chaotic storms nature can throw at us.

Are you trying to decide if a standby generator is the right fit for your home?

Not to worry, this article will help organize and explain what you need to know and consider before buying a standby generator.

It is important to note that this article is geared specifically towards standby generators. For more information on comparing the uses and attributes of standby generators versus portable generators, click here to read our previous blog post.

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Prepare Your Finances for a Standby Generator 

Purchasing a standby generator for your home is a great investment and helps maintain your home during dark times, no pun intended. Avoid sticker shock by preparing yourself now that standby generators and their installation will be a notable cost and should be considered in your budget beforehand.

Prices can vary from a few to several thousands of dollars depending on size, make, and model. A worthwhile investment to many homeowners, the main thing here is to know ahead of time and plan accordingly.

HOAs and Local Restrictions

Not all Homeowner Associations (HOAs) or local areas allow standby generators.

While a standby generator may not be the loudest thing in the world, generating enough power to run one’s home isn’t exactly a quiet activity either. Some local ordinances or HOAs may frown upon this and restrict the use of a standby generator.

Save yourself hassles and money by researching the local restrictions that apply to your home and inquire about various exceptions and permits that can be granted for standby generators, if there are any before you purchase and install one.

Continue to Think Beyond Your Comfort Level

Humble, Texas is hot, and there’s no getting around that. Beyond the simple unpleasant nature of this southern heat comes the realistic factor that heat of this magnitude can be deadly.

Does your home contain members that are advanced in age?

What about smaller children?Keep your home powered at all times with a stand by generator.

Does anyone in your family unit have a medical condition or a weakened immune system?

Heatstroke and dehydration can cause debilitating or deadly complications for even the healthiest of people, and even more so towards those who are vulnerable.

Maintaining power can also contribute in two additional significant ways during a natural disaster: food and communication.

Losing power can mean losing food, and in times of rationing, this can be critical.

Communication has come a long way; however, without power, our modern technological advances mean little to nothing. Staying informed about the conditions in your area can help you plan accordingly and protect your family. It can also provide a morale boost just by knowing updates and communicating with other people.

Standby generators provide the means to keep your family protected and aware during storms.

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You Have Options but you Still Need Fuel

Although your standby generator powers your home, they will require a fuel source of some sort.

Some are propane, and others are diesel or natural gas.

The overall theme here is that you will need to be prepared to fuel your standby generator one way or another and potentially during unfavorable conditions.

Again, research and speak with a licensed, trained standby generator installer on the types of fuels available and what is allowed within your neighborhood as some restrictions may apply.

Understand Your Needs and Work With a Standby Generator Professional

The ultimate goal of purchasing a standby generator is to ensure that when the lights go out around you, your home powers on. This goal can never be met if you are unsure what it is you are powering.Contact Cruz Air & Electric, the generator specialists.

It is important to do a bit of an audit and identify what you need to power your home as each home is different. The amount of electricity used for a 1900 square foot home and a 5400 square foot home is not going to be the same. Audit your home, electronic devices, and major appliances and work with an expert to determine what size standby generator is right for you.

With over 35 years of experience keeping the power of the Humble, Texas and the surrounding areas running strong, Cruz Air & Electric’s CGC Generators division has the expertise and tools to find and install the right standby generator for your needs.

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