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Brighten Your World: The Benefits of LED Lighting

Our forefathers tried to contain it, the sky illuminates because of it, and we shock our childhood friends with it after rubbing a balloon. Yes, we’re talking about electricity

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines electricity as a fundamental form of energy observable in positive and negative forms that occur naturally (as in lightning) or…okay look what we really care about is what it does for us.
This isn’t a science class, this is real life. Electricity affects our lives through our checkbook and how much we use monthly and annually.

Killowhat? Listen, we’re all just trying to keep our homes comfortable and Netflix on.

Every month millions of Americans pay for their usage of electricity, searching for methods and tips to reduce their bill and save themselves money.

Introducing LED lighting. A smart, efficient lighting option that can not only help the planet but also help you save on your usage and ultimately your energy bill.

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Hidden Heat

Many homeowners are aware of the major obstacles in regards to cooling a home. The temperature outside, your insulation, how often you leave doors or windows open, etc. Each of these and more will affect the overall temperature and environment in your home.

Often overlooked however are an obvious but slighted source of heat: your lights.

As opposed to traditional lighting such as fluorescent, LED actually love cooler temperatures. In addition, they will provide a lower heat output and ultimately lower your energy bill, thus saving electricity.

A Light That Lasts

Energy savings are obviously loved among homeowners, but other costs will also come into effect.

LED lighting lasts longer and over time, will provide a more sustainable option for homeowners.

Cooler lighting that lasts longer throughout the lifetime of a home will not only prove effective and cheaper for the present but provide homeowners with a viable future of decreased energy and increased savings.

LED lighting has the potential to last 10x as long as fluorescents and 40x as long as incandescent light bulbs. Efficient lighting is an understatement. With LED bulbs greatly outlasting the competition, replacements happen far less and save you money from unnecessary trips to the store for lights. Even beyond helping your HVAC unit save you money, LED lighting has the potential to save homeowners in additional ways.

Possibly one of the most overlooked benefits for LED lighting is that efficient lighting is not just for homes. While it may seem obvious that a light is a light, many business owners have overlooked the use of LEDs and the benefit to their bottom line by reducing overhead costs and improving the comfort of employees and customers. Although businesses have ignored this trend, a change may be in place, and it is an important avenue for business owners to consider in the same manner a homeowner would.

Everyone from a two bedroom home to the NFL can benefit from making a change in their lighting choices and overall improve their HVAC usage.

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A Brighter Future

Energy efficient lighting is here and from the looks of things, isn’t going anywhere soon. Cheaper, more responsible, and brighter, LEDs are a perfect solution for your home or business’s lighting needs.

Beyond the savings, both monetarily and energy-wise, LED lights can provide interesting and fun features to a home or business.

Among the many, many, MANY, different ways LED lighting can enhance a space, here are a couple of our favorite ideas to get you started with your improvement ambitions:

  • Use LED lighting on a dimmer switch to provide a flexible option for rooms to set different moods depending on different activities.
  • Highlight cabinets, bars, headboards, molding, etc. The options are endless! Use LED lights of various colors to add a pop to a room or highlight a determined feature.
  • Using LED lights do not have to start or end with the interior. These efficient light sources are great for outdoor lighting and provide another avenue of using a brighter light while using less energy.
  • Just as indoors, the outdoors has plenty to offer in terms of using lighting as an accent. From stairs to pools to fences and more, you can use LED lighting to make your exterior as creative and cozy as inside.

Eureka! Making the Change

Unlike many home improvement projects, changing your lighting is probably top of the list on ease. All you need are LED energy efficient lights, a ladder in some cases, and some time.

Be sure to always use caution when working with electricity and heights.

If you are looking to include LED lighting in some of the more advanced methods that we have mentioned, contact the experts at Cruz Air & Electric for all things LED. Our trusted team can provide you with a safe and efficient lighting installation that is sure to save you energy and add better overall lighting to your home.