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Be Safe This Season When Using Portable Heaters
A Portable heater safely being used.

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Be Safe This Season When Using Portable Heaters

If you woke up earlier this month thinking, “Boy, it usually isn’t this cool this time of year here in Humble, Texas,” rest easy, because you were not alone.

The arctic blast that we went through early-mid November was a massive, record-breaking event that swept much of the nation and sent residents looking for ways to stay warm.

A popular method of staying nice and toasty is the use of portable heaters. Yet while they aren’t exactly new, you would be surprised at the unfortunate amount of incidents surrounding these heating devices.

Tens of thousands of fires, thousands of burn victims, and hundreds of deaths are reported annually, which are a direct result of portable heaters.

Not exactly the best way to spread holiday cheer.

Don’t become a statistic to the world and a tragedy to your loved ones this winter. We’re going to take a look at ways to stay safe using portable heaters this season so that you stay warm and alive.

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Do Not Put a Portable Heater Under a Blanket…Seriously

A heater can make you warm.

Fire hazards!

A blanket will warm you right up.

Putting them together, on paper, makes a lot of sense.

But heaters can and will light your blanket ablaze, turning your cozy afternoon into a trip to the emergency room quickly.

It’s dangerous, it’s irresponsible, and it can lead to disaster.

“Oh, I’ll just monitor it and keep it away from the blanket.”

Things fall, move, and can be forgotten. You could also fall asleep.

Just don’t do it. It’s not worth the risk.

Space Heaters Should Always be Properly Attended

This rule includes being awake.

You should never leave a space heater on while you are out of your home or even the room.Always keep a close eye on your portable heater.

When sleeping, it is considered a best practice to turn off the portable heater and utilized your home’s central heating system along with winter attire and blankets.

Space heaters should also be placed well away from other things, including yourself so that nothing overheats or catches on fire.

Furthermore, just because you are attending your space heater, doesn’t mean everything is a free-for-all.

We’ve heard it all.

From warming up anything other than yourself, including but not limited to food, is not advised.

If you must utilize a portable heater, do so responsibly and keep it to warming your body.

Respect Your Portable Heater’s Fuel Source

Before turning on your portable heater, it is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions as each heater is different.

Be sure that the heater you are using doesn’t require a fuel that may create carbon monoxide and create an unsafe indoor environment.

We know the importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and with carbon monoxide, things can because deadly far too quickly.

A heaters fuel source.

You should also never plug your space heater into an extension cord or power strip.

Instead, always plug your portable heater into a wall outlet directly. This can help prevent overheating and dangerous, unwanted fires.

Warm Up With Cruz Air & Electric

There are plenty of practices that can keep you safe this winter when using a portable heater but to recap the main points:

  • Position your portable heater away from things that can catch on fire.
  • Monitor your space heater at all times.
  • Listen to the manufacturer’s guidelines and also respect the fuel source your portable heater uses.

Following these tips can help you stay cozy inside the comfort of your home while avoiding a tragedy this winter.

For more tips on staying warm this winter, check out our blog and to keep your home’s furnace running smoothly this season, contact the experts of Cruz Air & Electric today for all of your whole home heating needs.

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