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The Power of a Trane Air Conditioning 

Keeping your home cool and supplying your home with high-quality air to breathe, Trane air conditioners play an important role in the homes they are a part of; however, that role is put to the test in Houston, Texas, unlike any other place in the world.

The harsh southern sun, our less than ideal levels of pollution, and of course, who can forget about the humidity that covers this area like a warm wet blanket year-round?

Regardless, we love this wonderful city and press on through the heat, but thankfully for many, they understand that relief is something they can count on because they have an air conditioner that is as reliable as traffic on I-45 North at 5:30 every afternoon.

And the brand leading the way in these efforts?

Trane, the always reliable, always efficient name homeowners can count on to keep their homes running cool and comfortable.

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Trane’s Reliability is Industry-Leading

We’ve all heard the slogan at one point or another, “It’s hard to stop a Trane”; however, Trane backs this up through impeccable craftsmanship that has earned it a reputation that is unwavering

outdoor ac unit since they were founded in 1913.

According to Consumer Reports, Trane air conditioners helped lead the way and outperformed significant air conditioning brands such as Coleman, Maytag, or Frigidaire. This secured Trane air conditioners the top award of an “Excellent” rating for air conditioners surveyed for use in America.

But nothing lasts forever, so when a Trane air conditioning system does finally break down, homeowners can rest assured that they are still in great hands.

Trane is a brand that cares about the outcome of the user experience and remains loyal to its customers. Trane helps protect homeowners by providing industry-leading warranties to cover individual parts should things go wrong. Properly registered air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces are covered by a minimum warranty that includes:
10 years of coverage on the compressor.
10 years of coverage on the coils.10 years of protection on miscellaneous parts.
20 years of coverage on the heat exchangers.

Leading the HVAC industry and standing by its innovative products for customers, Trane protects its loyal customers and positions its air conditioners for success.

SINCE 1982

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by skilled contractors.


Trane Continues Its Pursuit of Excellence

Trane never stops pursuing a better version of its air conditioners, and the proof is in their practices and results.

Trane has a reputation for pushing their air conditioners to the extreme, and beyond the limits, many they may ever face during their actual application, all to provide an air conditioner that can not only survive your home’s environment but thrive in it as well.

We’ve previously touched on Trane’s ability to reach some of the highest SEER ratings on the market and their constant pursuit to create an air conditioner that is more energy-efficient than those before it. This is a brand we are proud to offer and service for all of our clients.

Trane is the Name you can Trust

Is it time for you to look into a new air conditioner for your home?

Don’t risk using a lesser brand that can leave you hot, miserable, and with higher electric bills than before.

If you’re in Humble, TX or the surrounding areas, Trane is the name you can rely on to have your home cool all year long, and Cruz Air & Electric are the technicians that ensure the job is done right.

Trane Comfort Specialist

Robert Cruz and his air conditioning experts have a reputation of over 30 years of treating customers fairly and effectively for their air conditioning needs. We pride ourselves at Cruz Air & Electric on customer satisfaction and work hard to ensure all of our clients are delighted with our work.

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