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How an AC Replacement Can Save You Money
How an AC Replacement can Save You Money

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How an AC Replacement Can Save You Money

Staying cool all summer doesn’t have to cost a fortune. According to the Department of Energy, AC systems cost homeowners a collective $29 billion each year in energy bills, accounting for an average of 12% of utility costs in Texas homes. The same data shows that an AC replacement with a modern, more efficient unit can decrease costs by 20% to 50%.

Air conditioning replacement can save you money in a few ways, which our HVAC experts explain further below –

A New AC Unit Will Be More Energy Efficient

A new AC unit can reduce your utility bills by running more efficiently and consuming less energy while still offering powerful cooling. Air conditioning manufacturers use the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) scale to measure unit efficiency, compare energy consumption rates, and predict operating costs. High SEER ratings mean better energy efficiency.

Units built before 2006 had a minimum SEER rating requirement of 13. In 2015, the minimum in many regions increased to 14. Old homes may have units with ratings as low as 8 or 9, while the most modern systems offer ratings as high as 25.

As air conditioning technology progresses, you can cut energy costs by as much as 50% just by upgrading to a more energy-efficient AC system.

Modern Equipment Means Maximum Performance

An air conditioning replacement with modern HVAC equipment allows you to enjoy maximum performance and comfort. After your air conditioning installation, you can enjoy the following benefits without higher costs:

  • Even cooling: Modern systems provide more even cooling throughout larger multi-floor homes.
  • Ideal temperature control: The powerful units can bring your indoor temperature down quickly on sweltering hot days.
  • Quieter operation: High-performance systems provide effective cooling without loud whirring or clanking sounds that disturb your home’s peaceful environment.
  • Smart controls: Your AC replacement may include a modern control system that allows you to automate temperatures, control the thermostat from your smart device, and more for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Improved air quality: Your air handler may include purification technology that removes contaminants for improved air quality.

Quality AC Replacement = Fewer Repair Costs

Outdated and underperforming systems often require frequent repairs only to continue subpar performance. The amount you must spend to hire an HVAC contractor for outages and issues can quickly add up to the replacement cost. With a new AC installation from a professional team, you can depend on a reliable unit that won’t randomly fail or require expensive repairs any time soon.

After your AC installation, you should discuss an AC maintenance plan with your contractor. Consistent maintenance can increase the unit’s lifespan and prevent the need for AC repairs.
Reduced repairs also provide peace of mind. No one wants to wake up on a hot summer day without AC. After your air conditioning installation, you can depend on your system to provide comfort even on the hottest days.

New Air Conditioner Incentives

As an effort to protect the environment, many federal, state, and local incentive programs exist that can help you save money on your AC replacement. With the purchase of a high-SEER-rated or ENERGY STAR-rated device, you may receive a discount, rebate, or incentive. ENERGY STAR air conditioners have SEER ratings above 14.5.

You can check with your local county and state programs to see if your purchase will qualify you for any discounts. Your AC contractor can also help you locate savings opportunities. For example, they may know the best incentive options for energy-efficient AC installations in your area.

Schedule Your AC Replacement With the Pros Today

An AC replacement can help you save money by cutting energy costs, improving performance rates, reducing repair needs, and qualifying for incentive programs.
If you want to start saving money while enjoying maximum comfort this summer, our team can help; call Cruz Air & Electric at (281) 446-4272 for an AC installation consultation in Humble, TX.

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