Electrical Safety Tips 2019

7 Electrical Safety Tips for Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary. Amongst the chaos of everyday life and beyond a long day away working to provide for yourself and your family, this coveted space provides the required, necessary level of comfort to recharge and relax.

Fittingly enough, the term recharge has never been taken so accurate to describe how the average American spends their time resting. According to the Pew Research Center, 90% of the average households in this country contain a median of 5 electronic devices including smartphones, computers, tablets, or a streaming service device.

Electronics play a huge role in all of our lives, from how we relax to how we conduct business. We communicate on them, learn from them, and build with them, but the fact remains that as our lives become more and more entwined with technology, these advances can pose risks that most do not consider until it is too late.

The National Fire Protection Association’s report on home electrical fires shows that electrical failures and malfunctions are now the biggest contributors to the start of a home fire.

The way your home is wired, the distribution of electricity to various electronics, and the quality of work delivered by a licensed electrician can be the literal death or life of your home and your family.

Fires are no joke, and we’re here to take a deeper look at some easy to implement electrical safety tips for your home to help fight against an unfortunate disaster.

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7 Safety Tips to Prevent Electrical Fires

Electricity is a modern convenience we should all be thankful for, but we should also remember to respect this gift. While the gift of electricity bears many different advantages, the threat to our lives is still very present and very real. We hope that you never have to experience such a devastating event and by following these tips, you will be well on your way to preventing electrical fires and maintaining peace of mind.

Protect Electrical Cords From Damage

Help maintain a fire resistant home by monitoring and organizing your electrical cords to prevent unnecessary damage. Cords that are put under stress repeatedly by being chewed on, smashed, bent, etc. are a higher risk of malfunction and being compromised.

Be Mindful of The Amount of Devices Plugged In

Consider this scenario for a moment. You’re setting up your living room entertainment system. Have you considered exactly what that might entail?

First there’s the television, next comes the surround sound, don’t forget the cable box, streaming device, and the family gaming system. We haven’t even added an area to plug in those long cords we just warned you against for all 4 family member’s smartphones because is it really movie night if you can’t tweet about it?

Life is not always the perfect scenario of us doing the absolute best we can and we understand that we’re realistically going to use many devices; however, as you can see, in just this one small scenario how these electronics can add up.

Divide devices among various plugins around the house and look for ways to minimize overload to one particular outlet. Charge smartphones independently and use surge protectors to help lighten the load on one plugin. Note using a surge protector is not an excuse to commit plug overload.

If An Electrical Source Is Warm, Notify a Licensed Electrician

Finding that your home has a source of electricity that is unusually warm?

Don’t panic, but don’t wait either. Notify a licensed electrician immediately and remedy the problem at hand. Do not attempt to do so yourself as it takes years of training and expertise to fully understand how to assess and fix electrical issues. Trust a licensed electrician and have peace of mind that the job will be done correctly.

Of course, electrical sources don’t stop at wall sources, be sure that your lighting is correctly wired and equipped. Avoid using bulbs that don’t match the wattage of the fixture, and always call a licensed electrician if your lighting is producing an abnormal amount of heat.

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More Electrical Plugs, Fewer Extension Cords

This is a great tip particularly for those building a home or going through a home renovation. A great way to divvy up electronics and spread the load among your outlets is to speak with the master electrician and architect working on your home to devise a well-thought-out gameplan on how a home’s electrical sources should be laid out.

Live in an older home?

Think modern and upgrade your home’s electrical layout with a licensed technician. Electrical devices have been on the rise and some older homes did not build to accommodate the rapid growth in technology the digital era has ushered in. Be aware and remember the dangers that are associated with overloading electrical plugs in your home.

Use Your Head, Keep Electrical Sources Away From Water

This one feels like a no-brainer but as electronics expand their part in our lives, it is important to remember that electricity and water don’t mix. This adds another component to the mix in which electrical shock is a severe threat here; however, keep in mind that water entering an electrical source may also cause a fire and that sockets should be kept well away from any water source. This includes sinks, showers, baths, and even the rain. Be aware and keep potential sources that are at risk covered when not in use and out of use when water is present.

Replace Old Cords and Wires

When taken care of, wires and cords can last a very long time, but nothing is forever. Even the most well cared for wires in the world will eventually give way and become non-functional. Ensure your family’s safety by ditching old wires that are worn and faulty for newer cords that can get the job done more efficiently and safer than older ones.

Give Your Devices Room to Breathe

Heat breeds fire and our devices need to be able to cool themselves to prevent overheating. Never put a device’s cooling fan directly against a solid surface such as a wall or another device. Routinely check for debris or dust and properly clean each device according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure proper cooling and a reduction in the risk of starting a fire.

Leave Electrical Wiring to the Pros

The final tip to prevent an electrical fire in your home would be to follow our previously mentioned statement and only trust a licensed electrician when fixing intricate wiring issues. Even the simplest of fixes can have horrible consequences when done incorrectly and should only be done by professionally trained personnel.

If you need electrical work done including panel inspection, electrical wiring repair or replacement, or surge protection, trust Humble’s leading electricians at Cruz Air & Electric. This team of licensed electricians has been serving Humble and the surrounding Houston areas since 1982 and are committed to identifying and solving your electrical issues.