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6 Must Know Air Conditioning Topics

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6 Must-Know Air Conditioning Topics 


Welcome to Your HVAC Cheat Sheet   

Here at Cruz, we are passionate about many things, but nothing quite like air conditioning systems.

Keeping our wonderful clients’ air conditioners running year-round may sound like a cliche, but after decades of service, we never get tired of helping people get the most out of their units and along the way, we have had many questions and conversations dealing with air conditioning topics we handle regularly.

Homes and businesses rely on air conditioners to do many things related to our health and comfort; however, these complex conveniences can also be overlooked in many cases.

Get to know your air conditioning system a little better with our quick guide to a few of the most sought-after air conditioning topics in the Houston area.

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1. Air Conditioner Maintenance Matters

Air conditioning Checklist

One of the best services we offer our customers is our maintenance plan that ensures your air conditioner works at its best all year long.

These maintenance plans do many things; however, the highlights include:

  • Improving your system’s life cycle.
  • Maintaining an energy-efficient air conditioner.
  • Providing your air conditioner with expert attention and monitoring.
  • Enhancing the air produced by your system.
  • 24/7 emergency service.

For the full breakdown, be sure to check out our blog here and see how a Cruz Air & Electric Preventative Maintenance Service Agreement (PMSA) can help you today!


2. Replacing & Installing an Air Conditioner

Air conditioning Checklist

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way, air conditioners won’t last forever and they aren’t fun to replace.

That’s the bad news, but the GOOD news is that there are ways to minimize this pain and keep your home, business, and life in order!

When your air conditioner is in need of replacement, be sure to read our article here, but here are a few cliff notes:

  • Always hire a professional.
  • Allow time for the problem to be identified and assessed.
  • Installation, because you hired a professional, should be quick but be mindful of outside factors. It’s a marathon, not a sprint we want to get it right the first time.

Complicated and inconvenient?


But with the right team, soon, that busted AC will be a minor inconvenience with your best days ahead of you!


3. SEER. No, We’re Not Talking Steaks

Air conditioning Checklist

Searing your steak is probably in the forefront of your summer mindset…or any season really, this is Texas after all.

But, SEER Ratings can actually help your summer in an entirely different way…it can save you money!

SEER Ratings basically tell you how energy efficient an air conditioner is. Do you know what that means?

Less energy used = less energy paid for.

Great for your bank account. Great for the environment. Great for everyone!

To get the full scoop, follow the rabbit hole here and learn more on how SEER Ratings can help your bottom line and keep you cooler.

4. & 5. IAQ, What’s That All About?

HVAC Checklist

IAQ or Indoor Air Quality is one of the hottest HVAC terms in the industry right now.

The short of it is that IAQ is how industry specialists measure the quality of air being produced by your air conditioning unit.

This isn’t some hocus-pocus magical made-up reading. In fact, we have not one, but two great pieces on IAQ that break down how to keep your home’s air pure and the benefits of doing so.

TL;DR: don’t skip your chores if you want healthier air to breathe, especially if you suffer from respiratory issues.


6. HVAC Lingo: The More You Know

HVAC Checklist

General air conditioner lingo may be second nature for us at Cruz, but we understand not everyone lives and breathes this as we do.

Well, you might breathe it but we meant figuratively.

To get in the know and have a wonderful guide on all things AC be sure to give our quick yet informative article on HVAC terms a view. You can do so by clicking—> right here.

We won’t spoil it for you, but you’ll get a rundown on various terms, parts, measurements, and more.


Get to Know Cruz Air & Electric

Cruz Air & Electric is your resource for all things air conditioning.

We take pride in providing our clients with valuable information and service for their air conditioning needs.

To learn more we encourage you to follow our blog covering a myriad of topics or simply contact us at (281) 446-4272 for any and all of your air conditioning needs!

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