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5 Signs You Need to Call For AC Repair Humble, Tx

The need for professional AC repair is never fun and, it’s often accompanied by discomfort and financial stress.

Our HVAC systems keep our homes comfortable all year round, working tirelessly to supply us with our preferred air temperatures day in and day out. But what happens when that peak performance starts to dwindle or disappears altogether? How will you know what to look for and when to call an AC repair company?

In this article, we are going to be discussing 5 vital signs to look for that may suggest the need for an AC service or repair.

  • Your AC Unit is Blowing Warm AirAC repair tools

Have you begun to notice that the air from your HVAC is no longer cold? There are a few factors that may cause your AC to blow warm air, some of which may even require a professional air conditioner repair service.

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Before you call in the professionals, start by checking your unit’s air filter. The air filter is where all of your home’s air travels through before being emitted into your home. When the filter becomes clogged with dirt or debris, your unit begins to have a much harder time efficiently cooling the space. If you haven’t changed your air filter within the past month, try that first. If you are still having trouble cooling your home, call an AC repair professional to get you back on track.

  • High Energy Bills

Rising energy bills are always a telltale sign of equipment malfunctions and the need for AC repair services or maintenance.

If you have begun to notice your energy bills slowly or even significantly rising, you may need an AC repair. Dirty, straining, or even broken HVAC components tend to use up more energy than usual, trying to efficiently balance out your home’s cooling needs.

With an experienced AC repair technician, you can quickly get your home’s comfort back and stop overpaying on high energy bills.

  • Strange Smells

Strange smells coming from electrical equipment (especially an AC unit) are usually a good indicator that a repair or full AC replacement may be necessary. Smells like burning, mildew, or even just funk typically means you need an AC repair professional to check and service your HVAC system.

Certain smells may indicate:

  • Burning smells- Could mean circuit shortages
  • Foul or rotten odors- May be due to mold or fungus build-ups
  • Exhaust/Fume smells- Could be caused by a chemical leak

If any of these sound familiar, call an air conditioning repair professional today for assistance.

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  • Inaccurate ThermostatThermostat repair

Your thermostat is the brain of your HVAC system. Like clockwork, it tells your AC unit when to kick on, when to kick off, and what temperature to maintain for your personalized comfort.

With that being said, your thermostat is an essential part of your AC system. If your thermostat’s readings appear inaccurate or your home doesn’t seem to be the temperature suggested, you likely need a visit from an AC repair specialist.

  • Leaking Water

Yes, you read correctly, occasionally AC units may leak water for one reason or another. If you are experiencing HVAC leaks, call an air conditioning repair professional today.

Common causes of AC leaks include:

  • Cracked or missing drain pans
  • Low refrigerant levels
  • Clogged condensate lines
  • Broken condensate pumps
  • Clogged air filters, etc.

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