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Since 1982, Cruz Air & Electric has been the premier AC installation team in the region.

Our success has always rested upon our commitment to exceeding the expectations of our valued customers.

We exceed these expectations because every facet of our ac replacement and installation services, from technician training and equipment to the recommendations we make, are top of the line.

Furthermore, our service rates remain exceptionally competitive.

If you need a new AC unit you can count on to perform, we can help!

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AC Installation Services Our air conditioning replacement and installation technicians will ensure that your system installation goes smoothly and quickly, at an affordable rate.

Our technicians are not only highly trained and focused on customer satisfaction but are also properly licensed and insured for optimal service quality and our customers’ peace of mind.

We work very closely with our customers to ensure that they receive air conditioning installation services and equipment that not only fit the needs of their home but that of their budget as well. 

We know that every home and every family is different, which is why we aim to tailor every one of our HVAC services to meet your individual household needs.

Our goal is to make your AC system’s performance, your comfort, and your overall satisfaction as exceptional as we possibly can.

Knowing When It’s Time for an AC Replacement

AC Installation Humble

While we are always willing to take on an AC repair, after a thorough assessment, we may recommend that you replace your air conditioner instead.

There are a number of reasons why we might make this suggestion-

Often it is because the repair itself would be excessively expensive; when multiple components are worn down, replacement often makes the most practical sense.

If we believe that the cost of the repair would be senselessly excessive, or that any future necessary repair costs would be equal to or exceed the cost of a replacement, we will recommend a new air conditioner.

Another reason you may wish to opt for AC replacement is age.

Newer air conditioning systems are exponentially more efficient than some older systems, and a replacement can often be a money-saving investment for the homeowner.

In either case, we will walk you through the entire process and ensure that your new air conditioner is a high-quality replacement that will serve you well.

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AC Installation FAQs

When should I replace my AC unit?

On average, air conditioners last up to 15 years, and in some cases, even longer. This length of time, of course, is reached with annual maintenance and professional care as needed. 

If your home’s AC unit is nearing its 15-year mark, you should start shopping for replacement options.

Yes, it is best to plan ahead. The last thing you want to do is experience an HVAC breakdown and drag out your discomfort by spending all your time looking for the right company and equipment at the last minute.

What are the benefits of a new air conditioning installation?

Is air conditioner installation expensive?

There isn’t a uniform price for air conditioning installations. 

Air conditioning installation prices can vary by quite a bit depending on the company you choose, the model you go with, and the needs of your home. 

Generally, the larger the home, the higher the cost of equipment and labor.

Can I finance a new install?

Of course! At Cruz Air & Electric, we offer extremely competitive financing options through wells Fargo, making your installation costs feel just as comfortable as your new unit.

Can I repair my old air conditioner instead of buying a new one?

Yes, depending on the issue, you likely can repair the unit rather than replace it. 

However, continuing repairs on an old unit will cost your wallet and comfort a lot more than you probably expected.

Air Conditioning repairs can add up quickly, especially with old units that need servicing more often than usual. 

In cases like this, it’s best to replace your old unit and begin reaping the benefits of modern efficiently and comfort!

Is replacing an air conditioner difficult?

Depending on the home, equipment, and operational needs, installing an air conditioner can be quite complex. 

The air conditioning installation process requires a lot of skill and experience for optimal results. 

Air conditioners are expensive machines with extremely sensitive operational requirements. Just one small mistake or minor damage during installation can result in years of performance issues. 

Because of this, AC installation should be done by experienced professionals only.

How do I choose a new air conditioner?

When it comes to choosing a new air conditioner for your home, the options can become overwhelming. How are you supposed to know what to choose and what will work best for your home?

At Cruz Air & Electric, we take all of that stress away by thoroughly assessing your home’s needs in comparison to the best AC units available.

With that assessment, we strive to make sure that our customers get high-quality AC units that will last for years to come, save on utility bills, and keep their families comfortable.

How long should a new AC unit last?

As long as your AC unit receives its annual maintenance, professional repairs when needed, and regular filter changes, your unit should last you upwards of 10-15 years.

Is annual AC maintenance necessary?

Absolutely! Annual Air conditioning maintenance is a vital part of getting your money’s worth out of your AC unit. 

Like all complex machines, an HVAC system will require professional upkeep to perform at its best, reach its full life expectancy, and save you money.

Benefits of making Cruz Your AC installation company?

  • Convenient Scheduling
  • Highly Experienced & Professional AC Installation
  • Competitive Financing 
  • Prolonged Life of Your Air Conditioner
  • Reliable & Top-Performing HVAC Equipment
  • Energy Efficiency 
  • Fewer Repairs Needed
  • 5 Star Customer Service Every Time

AC Installation Financing

Along with offering our customers superior AC installation services through decades of experience, we also offer extremely competitive financing for those who need a hassle-free AC installation now!

With our HVAC financing options, we are able to get our customers exactly what they need quickly and efficiently. Our team fully embraces making your experience as stress-free and as comfortable as we possibly can, from start to finish.

Why continue wasting money trying to repair a lost cause unit when you can invest in real comfort and performance today?